Creating Tasks

New Task

New tasks may be created as a result of an automation that executes on a Lead. To pre-create a task go to Settings > App Setup > Tasks.

  • Task Subject. This is the value of the "Subject" field.
  • Task Due After. For example, if the Task were set to be due in 2 days the "Due Date" field would show 2 days from now. This Task will pop up in the Account for the User in the "Assigned To" field on the date the task is due. This is the value of the "Due Date" field.
  • Task Status: Possible values are the values defined by your Administrator in Setup section. This is the value of the "Status" field.
  • Task Priority. A value of "High, Normal, or Low" may be used. This is the value of the "Priority" field.

View your created tasks in the table at the bottom of the page:

Once you've pre-configured tasks, see this page for more information on using the Create Task action in an Automation. 

Using Task Type

To use the "Type" field with your task enable field visibility within on the profile of your Master Sync Account only. See the installation guide (Group / everything else) for more details on how to do this.