Zones and Mobile Attendee App Integration Spec

How to Integrate Captello’s Zones for added Gamification and Engagement into a Mobile Attendee Application



This document outlines the requirements needed to integrate with a mobile attendee app with Captello’s gamification/engagement Zones.


Each of the elements discussed below are entirely brandable and customizable, including Zones.


Waypoints are specialized QR codes that serve as stops or check-points on a journey. Organizers use Waypoints in scavenger hunts, treasure hunts, or passport-to-prizes. Waypoints drive attendees to exhibitors or select areas at the event to create additional foot traffic. Learn more about Waypoints here and with this case study.

Digital Activations

Digital activations (also referred to as games) help engage attendees and create sponsorship opportunities for organizers. Learn more about digital activations here:


Leaderboards track overall engagement by adding up scores that attendees earn by visiting Waypoints and engaging with Digital Activations. The leaderboards can also add points earned by interacting with the mobile app.


Progress Reports

Progress Reports help attendees determine their progress toward a specific goal. Organizers define the goal (visit 20 booths and attend 10 sessions, etc.). Progress Reports also provide instructions to the attendees on where to find each stop in the overall experient (visit booth #123, etc.).




Zones are containers that hold engagement elements. Zones are essentially a web page with a URL. If the mobile attendee app can embed a web page behind a button/link, then a Zone can be added to the mobile app. Zones are entirely customizable and brandable with a Zone builder inside Captello. Organizers build their Zone according to their preferences. Zones can include leaderboards, web scanners, instructions, progress reports, digital activations, reward center and more.


Zone Integration

The workflow below describes the integration process:

Note, authentication mentioned in Step #3 above may be accomplished via SSO integration. SSO is required to show the Reward Center without asking the attendee to separately login to their Reward Center.

Mobile app developers adding Captello Zones into an iFrame within their mobile app should make sure to add the permission below into the iFrame code:

allow="camera; microphone"

Step #




Attendee app provider adds a button or link in the event app. The button will have a link to Captello’s Zone (URL to be provided at a later date - and test now with this version or with this one). When clicked it should open the Captello Zone URL in an embedded browser (preferred) or the device’s native browser.

App Provider


Attendee app provider appends the following query string to the end of the Zone link. Brackets indicate merge fields inserted by the attendee app provider into the URL. Note, only email is required but name is also preferred.

Replace the parameters, such as {first_name}, with values. For example, instead of {first_name} use Mike. Make sure your query string parameters match one of the supported parameters below. If they don’t, let us know!


The parameters below are supported:

  1. Email: eml, email

  2. First Name: fn, fname

  3. Last Name: ln, name

  4. Company: cp, company

  5. Job Title: jt, jobtitle

App Provider


Attendee taps the button which opens a browser within the mobile app. Attendee will see a configurable view of the Organizer’s engagement/gamification experience based on the configured Captello Zone. Special QR codes can be created within Captello to activate Waypoints, Activations, and other gamified experiences for points on the leaderboard. Interface can be designed to match the attendee app and Organizer’s preferred look, feel, and branding.




Optional: If an attendee tries to use the camera’s native app (not the mobile app’s scanner) the URL will not have registrant info and Captello will display a generic error message that could be customized by the Organizer. This restricts scanning to be done within the attendee app. However, we suggest also allowing attendees to use the device’s native camera for scanning. This is a configuration setting on each Waypoint/Activation QR code.


Alternative Approaches

The following alternative methods could be used in place of query string parameters:

Registrant ID via Query String

Instead of using the detailed query string in Line Item #2 above, the mobile app provider could pass the Registrant ID in the query string. Captello would then need API access to the registrant database to collect registrant information using the ID. This requires around one (1) to two (2) days of development time from Captello.

Single Sign On (SSO)

This method should be used if Captello’s Reward Center will be part of the Organizer’s solution. Otherwise, query string parameters can still be used; however, separate login into the Reward Center is required.

In-App Activity Tracking

It’s possible to track activities that occur within the attendee app as long as the app provider has a list of activities and an API or webhooks around them. Points could be assigned to each activity inside Captello and appear on the leaderboard. Depending on access from the mobile app provider, this effort will take Captello two (2) to three (3) weeks of development time and require scheduling in advance.



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