Self-Healing Sync


Losing a connection between your sales and marketing automation system and CRM can be frustrating. For this reason, Lead Liaison provides a self-healing sync mechanism that automatically repairs broken connections due to changes in your CRM. 

Error Handling

Below is a list of errors that we automatically handle and self-heal:

  • Could not connect to host
  • Service Unavailable
  • Uncompress compressed response
  • Error Fetching http headersFailed Sending HTTP SOAP request


Below is a summary of the self-healing feature:

Doesn't Apply to Credentials

Self-Healing does not include changes to credentials or failures due to expired credentials. To avoid these common issues, we recommend one sync user with Admin privileges is created and the password set to never expire.

  • Self-Healing detects failures due to field changes such as:

    • SFDC Field was deleted.
    • SFDC Field was modified.
    • SFDC Field permission has changed.
  • When Lead Liaison detects a field change the following will happen:

    • Pause the sync process. 
    • Automatically run Self-Healing (equivalent to running step #3 in the CRM configuration wizard manually).
    • Self-Healing will run once per field sync failure.
  • Self-Healing will fix the failure due to:

    • The field being deleted.
    • The field being modified.
  • Lead Liaison will continue running the paused sync process.

  • If the sync process fails again, then the issue is likely caused by a permission change in the field.

  • In this case, Lead Liaison will send a sync failure notification email to you according to your settings ("Send alert if Lead Liaison <-> CRM synchronization process fails")