Tasks represent the activities you perform while working with a Prospect, Organization, or Deal. OneFocus™ has a variety of included Tasks and supports custom Task creation. Your organization may track the number and type of tasks you complete per week, so make sure you review this ideology with your sales manager. 

Creating a New Task

Individual Tasks

Like Notes, you can associate a Task with Prospects, Organizations, and Deals. Add new Tasks by using the New Task button in the Quick Menu, or by using the Task Panel on a profile page.

The three drop-down menus at the top of the New Note form allow you to search for the Prospect, Organization, or Deal you want to associate the Task with. The Task will appear in the Profile Timeline for all of the associated objects. 

In the second row, you can select the Task type and give a brief summary of the Task's purpose. Call is the default Task type, but you can change the default Task in Settings > App Setup > CRM > Tasks.

Use the text editor to provide a detailed description of the Task. As you work the Task, update this section to provide important notes. For example, document the results of a sales call or important information you learned during a meeting. 

The bottom row lets you set the due date, time, and estimated duration of the Task. Set the priority of the Task with the drop-down menu to low, medium, or high. Finally, if you have the correct security permissions, you can assign the Task to yourself or another user.

Task Groups

A collection of Tasks is called a Task Group. Task Groups can be initiated using automation, and serve as an efficient way to streamline process within your organization. To create a Task Group do the following:

  • Navigate to Setup > App Setup > CRM > Task Groups.
  • Click the New button and provide a Name and Description (optional). 
  • Add Tasks into the Task Group using the options on the Task Group and choosing Add Task as shown below:

  • Use the merge setting to add merge fields to your Tasks within a Task Group. 

  • Once your Tasks are created you can view them by clicking on the number under the Tasks column. In the popup, you can add more Tasks, Delete Tasks, or edit each Task. 

  • Once your Task Group is ready, the Tasks in the Tasks group will be created when the Task Group is triggered. An Add Task Group action is available in automations (both Fulfillment Actions and Automation). In the example below we invoke the Add Task Group action from a Fulfillment Action when a form is submitted. 

Completing Tasks

To complete or edit a scheduled Task within the main Lead Liaison platform, navigate to the Prospect, Organization, or Deal's profile page and click on the Task in the Timeline. You can also access Tasks with the Deals Card in your Pipeline. The Task editor will reappear, and you can adjust any fields or add more notes to the details. Once ready, click Save or Complete.

The most efficient way to work through Tasks is to use the Task Manager. The Task Manager is a great way to view, manage, and work your organization's activities. Sales managers can track activity across their team to make sure Deals are worked productively, and sales representatives can take advantage of the Task Wizard to complete their daily Tasks without having to navigate multiple screens. Non-selling roles such as administrators, operators, and accounts receivable/payable can also use the Task Manager to stay on top of operational processes.

Learn more about the Task Manager.

Creating Custom Tasks

You can create any number of custom tasks to fit your organization's needs. In addition to customizing the name and icon, you can also pre-fill the tasks for common situations. For example, you might have specific action like uploading a signed contract that you do with every deal. Instead of creating the Task manually every time, you can pre-fill the form.

  • Task Name – the name that will appear in the Timelines and New Task menu
  • Task Icon – the icon that represents the Task in the Timelines
  • Task Icon Color – the color the icon will appear in the Timelines
  • Appear in New Dropdown – choose whether or not this Task will appear in the New Task menu
  • Pre-fill Task – toggle pre-fill options.

When pre-filling a Task, you'll see a similar screen to the New Task window.

Whatever you fill out in the Summary and Description will automatically fill when a user creates a New Task with this Task type. The due date will use the date the Task is created plus whatever time frame is chosen in this pre-fill menu. For example, if you create a pre-filled Task on the 1st and it is set as Due In 2 days, the task will be due on the 3rd. 

You can add merge fields to the summary and description by using the three dots on the right.

The merge fields will pull data directly from the Prospect Profile. For example, if you use the First Name merge field, it will pull the Prospect's first name when the Task is created.

Here is what a pre-filled Task looks like when editing:

And here is what it looks like when a user is creating a new pre-filled Task:

Task Reminders

You can set a reminder for Tasks that are due today and for Tasks that are overdue. To access Task notification settings, navigate to Personal Settings > Notifications.

Lead Liaison supports three different types of Task notifications; when a Task is due, when a Task is overdue, and multi-user Task reports for sales management. Use the toggle next to each notification type to turn them on or off.

Tasks Due

The Tasks Due notification will send you a reminder for Tasks due that day. 

  • Remind me daily– the system will send a reminder every day, including weekends.
  • Remind me on business days– the system will send a reminder Monday through Friday.
  • Remind me on these days– the system will send a reminder on selected days. 

Use the "Send reminder at" drop-down menus to select the time of day the notifications will send.

Tasks Overdue

The Tasks Overdue notification will let you know which Tasks are overdue from the previous week. Use the drop-down menu to select the day and time the notification will send.

Tasks to Other Users

You can notify other users when you assign them a Task. This is especially helpful for Sales Managers who would like to verify their associates are aware of newly assigned Tasks.

Group Tasks

Group Tasks let sales managers see what Tasks are due for a Team or group of users. 

Click the "Select Teams" field to choose one or more Teams. The system will send you Task notifications for Tasks due for every team member. Click the "Select Users" field to choose individual users.

Like the Tasks Due notification, you can select the days and times the notifications will send. 


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