Trusted IP Addresses


The Trusted IP Range is a list of trusted network address ranges that your organization trusts for access to Salesforce. Designed for power users and large organizations, you can set up the Lead Liaison network as a trusted network for your Salesforce sync account. This will remove friction from the Salesforce login process saving you time and headaches. Trusted IPs are set per user and/or user profile. The default connection method to Lead Liaison is a token.

Can't Find Your Token?

You may not see your token in if one of the two situations below occur:

  1. Your organization has SSO enabled. SSO means you are on a trusted network where no tokens are required.
  2. Your Sync User has IP restrictions enabled.  If you remove IP restrictions just from the Sync User then that user, and only that user, will be able to use tokens.

Steps to Setup Trusted IPs

To add IP ranges to the trusted network access, navigate to: Setup | Administration Setup | Security Controls | Networks Access. Then, click "New" and you can add the Start IP Address and the End IP Address of the range.

  1. Log in to your Salesforce account.
  2. Click Setup towards the top right corner of the screen (it will be in the drop-down menu under your name).
  3. Under Administration Setup on the left-hand side, expand Security Controls by hitting the plus sign.
  4. Look beneath it for the Network Access menu item. If you don't see it, then you are not an admin-level user within Salesforce, and can not proceed further. Please consult your IT team.
  5. The Network Access page allows you to setup trusted IP addresses related to Lead Liaison's Salesforce App.
  6. The page contains a section "The list below contains IP address ranges from sources that your organization trusts. Users logging into with a browser from trusted networks are allowed to access without having to activate their computers." For more information, you can click here:
  7. Click the New button.
  8. For the Start IP Address, enter
  9. For the End IP Address, enter
  10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 for the IPs below

Your trusted IP should now be all set!  Your users will no longer be required to use the Security Token when linking their Salesforce account.