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The Adobe Marketo connector streamlines lead synchronization from Lead Liaison to Marketo through Automations, Fulfillment Actions, and Bulk Actions. Access the Captello Universal Lead Capture Connector on the Adobe Exchange.

Connecting to Adobe Marketo

To link your account to Marketo, first, create a Custom Service for our system. For assistance, contact Marketo Support at Then, follow these steps:

  • Create a Custom Service in Marketo.

  • Navigate to Setup > Integrations > Connectors.

  • Select "Marketo Integration" and provide the required details.

  • Click Save.

  • Confirm successful connection with the message: “You’re successfully connected to Marketo.”

Field Mapping

When transferring data from Captello to Marketo, note that Marketo fields won't update if the corresponding Captello fields are empty. However, a value of '0' is treated as non-empty and triggers an update in Marketo.

Follow these steps:

  • Map Lead Liaison Prospect fields to Marketo Lead fields.

  • Access Field Mapping via the Marketo connector.

  • Use the mapping menu to assign fields.

  • On the mapping menu, select the Lead Liaison field on the right and the corresponding Marketo field on the left.

  • Utilize the (+) and (-) buttons to add or remove fields and click Save.

Mapping Diagram

Mapping process:

  1. WebApp User (through WebApp):

  • Connect Marketo Credentials

  • Setup Field Mapping

  • Configure Capture Forms

  • Setup Custom Field Mapping

  • Setup Automations + Fulfillment Actions

  1. Configure capture forms + FA > Captello servers + Captello database

  2. Captello Mobile App + Captello WebView > Captello API > Captello servers + Captello database

  3. Captello servers + Captello database > Send to Marketo + Send Capture Submissions to Marketo > Marketo.

Here is a diagram illustrating the field mapping between Captello and Marketo: 

Revoke Access

Disconnect Lead Liaison and Marketo by clicking the Revoke button on the Marketo Connector.


Use the Sync button to run a force sync operation with Marketo.

Campagins and programs are synced on a daily basis automatically, so you do not need to use the sync button unless you need to do an immediate update.


  • Access Marketo logs at Reports > Standard > Marketo Logs.

  • Filter by sync status i.e. success or error and hover over errors for details.

Sending Leads to Marketo

Video Tutorial

The video below explains how to:

  • Send leads to Marketo.

  • Send leads to different campaigns based on capture form answers.

  • Send submissions to Marketo.

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Utilize the Send to Marketo action in Automations, Fulfillment Actions, and Bulk Actions.

  • Ensure the Prospect has an email address for syncing.

  • Optionally, add the Lead to a Smart Campaign using the Campaign drop-down field.

  • Leave the field blank if not adding them to a campaign.

  • The system syncs new Smart Campaigns every 24 hours; manually sync by running the connector again.

  • If the Update Records checkbox is checked, prospects update on Marketo if already existing.

Creating and Syncing Marketo Campaigns

Create a campaign on Marketo at Marketing Activities > New > New Smart Campaign.

A campaign will then appear as a lamp icon.

Campagins and programs are synced on a daily basis automatically, if you need to sync a campaign immediately, use the sync button on the Marketo connector.

Sending Submissions to Marketo Using Custom Objects

Submissions from Captello can be synced to custom objects in Marketo. An object must contain fields that correspond to the capture from questions you want to sync.

Each custom object field is mapped to its counterpart capture form question through the Marketo Custom Field API Name field.


Setting up The Custom Object on Marketo

To sync submissions to a custom object, it must have the following features:

  • It must be approved.

  • It must have a link field (recommended to be the email field, since that is the default unique identifier on Captello).

  • It must have a dedupe field, which acts as a unique ID generator for each submission.

  • The dedupe field must not be the same as the link field.

Setting up The Sync Action

  • From a fulfillment action, a bulk action, or an automation, use the Send to Marketo action, followed by the Send Capture Submissions to Marketo action.

It is required to always run the Send to Marketo action before syncing the submission, as a submission is added to a person’s page, and cannot be created if the person does not exist on Marketo.

  • In the Send Capture Submissions to Marketo action, it will ask for a Custom Object and Unique ID.
    For Custom Object: enter the API name of the Custom Object.
    For Unique ID: enter the API name of the dedupe field.

Acquiring Custom Object API Name and Unique ID from Marketo

  • Navigate to Admin > Marketo Custom Objects.


  • Navigate to your custom object.
    API Name is your custom object API Name, use it to fill the Custom Object field in the sync action.


The Dedupe Fields are identified in the same page, get their API names from the Fields tab.

It is okay if there are more than one dedupe fields, the sync action will work with any of them.

  • Navigate to the Fields tab. Once you get the API name of the dedupe field, use it to fill the Unique ID field in the sync action.

The action should look like the following:

Setting Up the Capture Form

The next step is to map the capture form questions to the custom object fields.

  • From the Fields tab, copy the API Names of fields that correspond to your capture form questions.

  • Add API Names to the Marketo Custom Field API Name of each field in the capture form.

Now you are ready to run the sync action on the capture form!

Results in Captello Logs

After using The Send to Marketo & The Send Capture Submissions to Marketo actions, the Marketo logs in Captello will show the synced submission statuses.


You can click on Submissions Result to see the status of a submission.

The submission status will either be ‘Skipped’ (failed) or ‘Created’ (successful).

When a submission is skipped, you can hover over the “skipped” text, and it will display the skip reason.


The most common reason for skipping a submission sync is that a lead was not synced before syncing the submission. Make sure to always add the Send to Marketo action to your fulfillment actions or automation before the Send Capture Submissions to Marketo action.

Results in Marketo

When a submission is successfully synced, it will appear under the Custom Objects tab inside the person’s profile.

To view a submission, select a your custom object from the Select Object dropdown.

Showing Your Custom Object in Person Profiles

If your custom object does not appear in the Select Object dropdown, it has to be set to ‘Show’ inside a person’s profile. To do that, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to your custom object.

  • Click on Custom Object Actions > Edit Object.

  • Turn on the Show in Person’s Details Toggle




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