What is a Prospect?

Prospect is a term used in Lead Liaison to define a person with an email address who is also in the Lead Liaison database. Your Lead Liaison subscription license is based on the number of Prospects, also known as Licensed Contacts, in the system. The concept behind our licensing method is that each Prospect has value in the system. With each Prospect, Lead Liaison will append social intelligence and automatically qualify them for sales. Once a Prospect is in the system they can be segmented, pushed to your CRM, nurtured, and targeted in a personalized, automated way to build stronger relationships. Prospects can be managed by going to Prospects > All Prospects. 

How are Prospects Created?

Prospects are created in Lead Liaison in multiple ways:

  • Manually, entering them one by one
  • Uploading contacts
  • Form submissions
  • Document conversions
  • Video conversions
  • Email campaign conversions
  • From your CRM
  • Through the API
  • Through a Zap

See this reference on creating Prospects for more information. 

How are Prospects Removed?

Prospects can be removed manually, one by one, or in bulk automatically using an Automation Workflow. Once a Prospect is deleted they can be deleted permanently from the system or moved to the Recycle Bin where they can be recovered within a short period of time. See this reference on deleting Prospects for more information


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