Page Patterns


Page Patterns are a flexible way to trigger actions when Prospects visit web pages that match a defined pattern. Users could build a Page Pattern to add Prospects into lists, tag Prospects, send alerts to reps, and much more. 

Creating a Page Pattern

To create a Page Pattern do the following:

  • Navigate to Content > Pages > Page Patterns
  • Click the New button
  • Assign a name to your Page Pattern
  • Choose to match all criteria ("ANDs" all criteria together) or any criteria ("ORs" the criteria together)
  • Choose from Page URL or Page Title, select an operator, and enter the relevant text into the field

  • Activate the Page Pattern by toggling the switch as shown below:

Triggering Automation from a Page Pattern Match

Page Patterns can be associated with Fulfillment Actions, a lightweight, highly responsive automation template. To trigger actions from a visit and Page Pattern match do the following:

  • Hover over the row for your selected Page Pattern
  • Click the down arrow and select Actions


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