Finding Your Security Token

Can't Find Your Security Token?

Reasons Why Security Token is Missing

You may not see your token in if one of the two situations below occur:

  1. Your organization has SSO enabled. SSO means you are on a trusted network where no tokens are required.
  2. Your Sync User has IP restrictions enabled.  If you remove IP restrictions just from the Sync User then that user, and only that user, will be able to use tokens.
  1. Login to your account (account must have administrator rights)
  2. Go to Setup > Manage Users > Users (check Lead Liaison user profile type, possibly will be set as System Administrator)
  3. Go To Manage Users > Profiles
  4. Clone/copy profile that is currently set for Lead Liaison user.
  5. Edit this profile and go to the Login IP Ranges under System menu.
  6. There should be only one line that looks like that: IP Start Address:, IP End Address: - delete it.
  7. Now go back to Manage Users > Users and select Login for the Lead Liaison user, you should be now logged as Lead Liaison user which is indicated in the right top corner.
  8. Go to the Setup > My Personal Information > Reset My Security Token - now you can reset your token, just click on the Reset Security Token button.