Lead Liaison's Zap allows 300+ different applications to interact with Lead Liaison. When an event happens in Lead Liaison it triggers an event in the 3rd party application. Vice versa too, when an event happens in the 3rd party application it triggers and event in Lead Liaison. Use cases are endless - but don't worry, we provided a few of them for you to stimulate ideas. The Zap provides extensive integration with multiple CRMs, financial systems, project management systems and more. Contact us to be invited to use the Lead Liaison Zap.  

What Apps Do We Integrate With?

  • Any of the 300+ 3rd party applications listed on this page integrate with Lead Liaison. 
  • If you don't see an application listed, don't worry. We can also call a customized Webhook. 
  • Want to create your own endpoint? No problem, our Webhook can trigger a call to your endpoint.

Creating a Zap

Follow the steps below to create a Zap:

  • Sign up for Zapier here
  • Make sure to understand pricing. It's very cost-effective and free for most use-cases.
  • Retrieve your private invitation to the Lead Liaison Zap from your Lead Liaison Representative. 
  • Click the "Make a Zap!" link at the top of the page

  • Zaps are easy to understand. There are two basic parts to a Zap:
    • Trigger = When something happens in a specific application then...
    • Action = Do this action in a specific application...

  • Lead Liaison provides Triggers and Actions that do the following:
    • Triggers:
      • New Prospect in List = Triggered every time a contact is added to a specific list
      • Tag Added to Prospect = Triggers when a Tag gets added to a Prospect for the first time
      • Lead Liaison Webhook Trigger = Triggered when Lead Liaison calls Zapier using our webhook call
      • New Prospect Created = Triggered every time a new Prospect is created in Lead Liaison
      • New Prospect Property Change = Triggered when a specific property is updated on a Prospect. Also triggered when a Prospect is created with this property. 
      • New Form Submission = Triggered every time a web form is submitted. 
    • Actions:
      • Add Prospect to Workflow = Adds a Prospect into a specific Workflow. Note, Prospect must exist before running this action. Use the Create or Update Prospect Zapier Action first if needed. 
      • Create or Update Prospect = Create a new Prospect or update an existing Prospect based on an email address. 
      • Tag Prospect = Tag an existing Prospect
      • Delete Prospect = Deletes the Prospect. 
      • Add Prospect to List = Adds Prospect into a specific list. 

Action: Deleting a Prospect

  • Yes will move the Prospect to the Recycle Bin where they will be permanently deleted within 24 hours.  
  • No will move the Prospect to the Recycle Bin

Action: Create or Update Prospect

  • To assign Lead Ownership you can directly pick a lead owner from the list of Lead Liaison users in the dropdown. Alternatively, if you want to drive lead ownership from the Trigger value, choose Use a Custom Value in the dropdown. The Custom Value for Lead Owner can be the Lead Liaison user's username or email address. 

Use Case Examples

Below are some example uses for a Zap. These use cases are meant to stimulate ideas only. Use cases are unlimited with 300+ applications having their own Zap and several Triggers and Actions within each application. As a result, 10s of thousands of combinations and Zaps can be made. 

Using Lead Liaison Webhooks with Zapier

Leave a Message with a Person Who Submits a Webform

  • Create your Zap in Lead Liaison

  • Connect your Lead Liaison account and give it a name:

  • After clicking the Continue button, Zapier will ask you to authenticate your account. Click the Continue link on the authentication popup:

  • Click the Continue button after your Lead Liaison account is authenticated:

  • Connect your Twilio account:

  • Optionally set up filter conditions for the web form submission. If the filter conditions are met then the system will fire the Trigger. In this case, since we want to call the number and leave a voice message, we'll check if the Work Phone is available when the form is submitted. If there's no work number it doesn't make sense to attempt a call. 

  • Enter the details of the Trigger:

  • Make sure your Zap is turned on. All done!

E.164 Phone Number Format

Twilio will output an error if the phone number is not in E.164 format.


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