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Lead Liaison provides a visual landing page designer to easily build rich, beautiful landing pages optimized around targeted marketing messages. Images, videos, HTML content, web forms and more can be embedded into your landing page.

Creating a Template

It's a best practice to have a common look and feel to your landing pages so your customers and prospects recognize your company and your brand. If you intend to create several similar landing pages we suggest creating a landing page to use as a template. See the instructions below on how to clone the template and quickly deploy/publish the landing page.

Manage Landing Pages

To view essential information for your landing page do the following:

  • Click Content > Pages > Landing Pages
  • Each column is explained below:
    • Remove = Deletes the landing page. Note, this option is only visible if the landing page status is unpublished. 
    • Name = The name of the landing page. 
    • Link = Link using your selected cname for the landing page. 
    • Short URL = Automatically converted short URL for the landing page link. 

Use of Shortened URLs

Shortened URLs, such as, are equivalent to the original link and additional parameters, such as an email mail merge, will not work. When using additional parameters on a URL use the full URL instead of the shortened URL.

    • Total Views = How many times the landing page has been viewed. 
    • Submissions = Conversions, or the number of times the form (if one is present) is submitted. 
    • Conversion Rate = Number of Submissions divided by Total Views. 
    • Modify Date = Date and time the landing page was modified. 
    • Status = Published or Unpublished. Published means the landing page is live on the internet. 
    • Actions = Edit to launch the landing page designer and edit it. 

Editing a Landing Page

To edit a landing page do the following:

  • Click Content Pages > Landing Pages 
  • Click the Edit link under the "Actions" column in the table. 

Using the Classic Landing Page Builder

Use the Classic Landing Page Builder for simple pages, such as page to host a video or form.

Using the HTML Landing Page Designer

HTML landing pages use Layout Templates to mirror your companies branding and website look and feel. 

Landing Page ROI

Landing pages are tracked as an Activity History event on a prospect's Prospect Profile page. Additionally, total landing page views, conversions and conversion rates are recorded. To view these key statistics for your landing page do the following:

  • Click Content Pages > Landing Pages

Common Questions

I copied code from my website into the WYSIWYG when creating a HTML landing page but it's all messed up, what happened?

It's likely the path of your images and files used in your code is incorrect. The code you're copying is running on a different web server, with resources that point to something like Code used in the WYSIWYG editor will now run on Lead Liaison's web servers. The WYSIWYG editor uses raw HTML and all resources in your code (referenced files, images, etc.) must be converted to use an absolute path instead of a relative path. View this resource  to understand relative vs. absolute paths.

Layout Templates Might Help

Lead Liaison's Layout Template tool automatically converts all resources from relative paths to absolute paths. The HTML WYSIWYG editor is primarily intended for small snippets of HTML to pop into a Layout Template along with a form. 

My elements are appearing out of order on a mobile device

When the landing pages switch to responsive mode, elements are loaded in the order that they are placed on the page. For example, if you place a form on the page, and then a text box above the form, the form will load first and may push the text box down. To correct this, simply re-place the elements in the order they should load on the device. In general, it's best to create landing pages from top to bottom.


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