Demo Portal


This guide explains how to access and use the Demo Portal once your administrative account has been provisioned. Please be aware that this is a demo environment. The demo environment is subject to change at any point in time. 


Receive Login Access

  • Once your administrative account has been activated, you will receive an email similar to the one below:

Login to the Portal

Fill Out Form

  • Complete the information in the form for the point of contact conducting the evaluation. 
  • All trial accounts are limited to two weeks by default and can only be changed upon request and subsequent approval. 
  • In the Select Profiles field, choose the products for evaluation. 
  • Once the form has been completed the evaluator will receive login information. 

Abscent Features

The following features are not currently supported in the demo environment:

  1. Sending email. Emails can be designed, etc., but not sent. This also means no tracking email spam or bounce complaints. 
  2. Send & Track for Outlook. Send & Track for Gmail is supported. 
  3. Postcards (work in test mode only). 
  4. Zaps from Zapier. 



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