Smart Surveys


Smart Survey is a portal that automates the process of creating surveys and quizzes for your attendees at your event sessions.

It allows you to effortlessly import sessions from your event and generate a survey & a quiz for each session with a few clicks, no matter how many sessions you have at your event.

Creating a Template for Your Smart Survey

Smart Surveys use the same templates as Capture Forms. The difference is that when you are creating a template for a Smart Survey, you may use the special fields, Speaker Section and Session Section.

Creating a Template

To create a template, Navigate to Events > Capture, then navigate to the Templates Tab.

Click New and fill the template’s information.

Speaker Sections and Session Sections

Session Section and Speaker Section as shown inside the Template Builder.

Session Sections and Speaker Sections are only intended to be used for Surveys and not Quizes.

Like the traditional Section field, Session and Speaker Sections can have questions inside them

Questions inside Session Section and Speaker Section

When the surveys are opened by attendees, they will show the speaker(s) names inside the Speaker Section.

The Speaker Section will also multiply itself to match the number of speakers, so attendees can rate each speaker individually. See Final Result below for how Surveys appear to attendees.

Building a Smart Survey

From Captello’s home screen, navigate to Events > Smart Surveys.

Navigating to Smart Surveys

Click on New.

Using the New button to create a new Smart Survey

Fill the Smart Survey’s Name, Platform and Event.

Entering basic information while creating a Smart Survey

General Tab

You will be greeted with the General tab. It has the Smart Survey’s basic information.

General tab

Sessions Tab

From the sessions tab, you can add sessions groups, then choose templates for surveys and quizzes for each group.

Sessions tab

To add an additional group, click on the plus sign.

Adding a session group

Adding session groups is useful when you have multiple attendee groups that attend different sessions, for example, you could create a session group for VIP sessions that are attended by VIP attendees.

Adding Sessions

Adding sessions

There are 2 ways to add sessions.

  • Add: by clicking Add, you will be prompted to select the sessions that you desire.

Choosing which sessions to add
  • Add All Sessions: Adds all the sessions from the event.

If the toggle Automatically add new sessions to this group is turned on, new sessions synced to Captello will automatically be added to this session group.

Bizzabo & Swoogo Sessions can take up to 30 minutes, while Swapcard sessions are synced instantly.

Once sessions are added, click on Publish to complete building your Smart Survey.

Publishing the created Smart Survey

Generating Surveys and Quizzes

To generate Surveys and Quizzes while publishing, switch on the Generate sessions assets toggle.

A confirmation pop-up that prompts you to generate assets while publishing a Smart Survey

After publishing, you can also generate them from the drop-down arrows of sessions, or from the generate all button.

Generating assets if they are not already generated while publishing

Surveys and Quizzes Tabs

The surveys and quizzes tabs will contain the links to edit and submit your surveys and quizzes.

Surveys tab
Quizzes tab

The Prospects column shows the number of prospects registered in the session, while the Speakers column shows the number of the session’s speakers.

Clicking the graph icon will redirect you to the survey’s (or the quiz’s) questions stats page, which shows statistics of all the answers.

Now, you are ready to embed your quizzes and surveys to your event!

Copy the Web View links of your Quizzes and Surveys and embed them into your event.

You can embed the link to your event’s sessions, or you can share the links with attendees after sessions.

Final Result

Surveys and quizzes will appear to attendees as normal capture form, with the exception of Surveys including a Speaker Section for each speaker as shown:

Each speaker will have their own rating in a separate column in the Submissions page as shown:



Survey Dashboard

Displays the statistics of the surveys.


Prospects Collected - Displays the date and number of prospects submitted from all of the surveys throughout the entire event.

Post Event Engagement - Displays the statistics of the engagement with the event’s follow up emails or other engagements.

Top Companies- Displays the companies of the most engaged prospects.

Quizzes Dashboard

Displays the statistics of the surveys.


Prospects Collected - Displays the dates and the total number of prospects gathered from all surveys conducted during the event.

Post Event Engagement - Displays the statistics of the prospects interaction with the event’s follow up emails, campaigns, etc.

Top Companies- Shows the names of companies associated with the most actively involved prospects.

Speaker Dashboard

Shows details of all the sessions in which the speaker was involved, including the session's statistics and the ratings received by the speaker.


Prospect Timeline

You have the ability to show the details for every attended session and event by the prospect from the prospect’s timeline.


Form Scoring- Displays the information and results of the submitted quizzes.


Session (Registrant) - Shows information about third-party sessions that the prospect has checked into, also referred to as Third-Party Check-In.


Sessions(Speaker) - Displays all the session details where the prospect has participated as a speaker.


Confirmed Attendee - Displays all the sessions that the prospect is confirmed to attend. Confirmation can be through passing a quiz, onsite scanning, or by participating in a live stream. The confirmation method is displayed next to Trigger.


Manually Confirming an Attendee to a Session

To manually confirm an attendee to a session, navigate to the Sessions tab, and from the desired session’s drop-down, select Add Attendee.


Then select the prospect and the reason to confirm their attendance.




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