Domo is a form of business intelligence (BI) that is a business management platform, delivered as a service, to CEOs and executives. The service is designed to provide direct, simplified, real time access to business data without any IT involvement. Lead Liaison provides a Connector to Domo that can export Prospect information as a data set into Domo for analysis. 

Adding the Connector

The Connector needs to be enabled on your account. Contact your Lead Liaison Representative to gain access to the Connector. Once the Connector is added to your account, access it by navigating to Settings > Integrations > Connectors.

Exporting Data to Domo

Data can be exported to Domo using automation (Automation action or a Fulfillment Action) or on-demand from the events page. Both methods are described below. 


Automation Action

In the actions step of an automation, search for the Export to Domo action. The option to export, yes or no, can be used with conditional statements to determine if an export of the data set should occur. 

Fulfillment Action

Create a Fulfillment Action and use the Export to Domo step. 

Excluding Fields From Export

You can exclude specific fields from being exported to domo by using the "Do Not Export to Domo" option found on an individual field level settings. This option is enabled by default but you can disable it to include the field in domo export.


Bulk Export

To export data to Domo on-demand do the following:

  • Navigate to Content > Events > Export to Domo as shown in the screenshot below. 

  • The system will prompt you to export all events or specific events and ask if you want to create a new DataSet or keep the existing one. 
    • Keep the latest schema and create duplicate rows: Dumps all of your data using the Everything method (below) into the existing DataSet named Lead Liaison Event Dataset.
    • Create a new DataSet in Domo: Shows a text field to enter the name for the DataSet. When using this method, do not create a DataSet inside Domo. Lead Liaison will create a new DataSet using the specified name in Domo. The DataSet is merely temporary and will not be used for any other export methods show below. 

Single Event Export

To export data for a single event to Domo on-demand do the following:

  • Navigate to Content > Events and hover over the event you wish to export. 
  • Select Export from the event menu as shown below. 

  • Choose what you want to export:

  • Choose Domo from the list of destinations:

  • If you included the Prospects object in the data you want to export then select which Prospect fields to include. 
  • The fields you select in the Include section will be saved for the next time you export. 
  • Next, click the Export button. 

Account Level Export Settings

The account level export settings are found on the App Setup > Connectors > Domo page. You can either choose All data, None, or Specific attributes to export for Event Metadata and Submissions metadata.

Exported DataSets

Export Methods

Lead Liaison can export data into Domo any of the following ways:

  1. Prospects: Information saved in the Prospect record within Lead Liaison. This could be information collected from prior events or data imported into Lead Liaison. Denoted in the export schema as "[Prospect]". 
  2. Event Metadata: Information collected by the new event screen, such as Campaign, Event Name, Owner, Start Date, and more. Denoted in the export schema as "[Event]". 
  3. Submissions: Information collected at the time of submission, such as date of capture, who captured the lead, which device captured the lead, etc. Denoted in the export schema as "[Submission]". 
  4. All Event Data: Includes Event Metadata and Submissions in the export. 
  5. Everything: Includes Prospects, Event Metadata and Submissions in the export. 
  6. Form: Information collected by the event form. Denoted in the export schema as "[Form Field]". 

DataSet Format

All exported data gets saved into DataSets in Domo with the following names:

MethodDataSet Name
ProspectsLead Liaison Dataset
Event MetadataLead Liaison Event Dataset
SubmissionsLead Liaison Submission Dataset
All Event DataLead Liaison Event Data and Submission Dataset
EverythingLead Liaison Event Dataset
FormLead Liaison Form Submissions Dataset

When exporting using the Bulk Export method described in the section above the system will always export using the Everything method. 

Exported Schema

An example schema structure showing these four objects is below:


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