Lead Liaison's API provides robust, programmatic access to a wide array of application functionality. Application objects such as Prospects, Campaigns, Programs, Memberships, Lists, Users, Visitors, Prospect Activity, Visitor Page Views, Workflows and more are accessible from the API. The API enables 3rd parties and customers to build applications around Lead Liaison or embed Lead Liaison functionality into their own applications.

Enabling the API

API Licensing

Lead Liaison's API is a separately licensed component. All standard API licenses include a query limit of 5,000 queries per day. Limits may be increased on your license for an additional fee and are subject to approval depending on your use case needs.

Follow these steps to begin using the API:

  • Make sure the Lead Liaison API application is installed via the Lead Liaison App Cloud. 

  • Click Settings > Integrations > API

  • Click the New API Key button

  • Provide a description of your connectivity, such as "Mobile application access to Lead Liaison" or "ERP access to Lead Liaison"

  • Make sure the Enabled checkbox is clicked

Removing an API Key

  • Click Settings > Integrations API

  • Click the Delete button next to the API key you wish to remove

API Documentation

API documentation is available within the app by going to:

  • Settings > Integrations > API

  • Click the Documentation button on the top left of the page

Lead Capture API

Developers have the ability to utilize the lead capture API by consulting the documentation found in the Forms section. This area's web services facilitate the creation and management of both web and event forms. When making use of the Get Form Submissions web service, it's important to set the form_type parameter to "device". For an example of how to make a request to this web service, consider the following URL: https://api.leadliaison.com/v1.0/forms/submissions.json?api_key=ng0R2R5v09o4VwHq&form_type=device&form_id=24841

Exhibitor Portal API

Developers can tap into the exhibitor portal API by referring to the web services listed in the Exhibitor Portals section of the API documentation. These services are primarily utilized at the event level to develop solutions tailored for event organizers. By employing these web services, developers have the ability to obtain a comprehensive list of scans from all exhibitors, access a roster of exhibitor portals (usually established for each event), and compile a list of all exhibitors associated with a specific exhibitor portal.

API IP Address Whitelist

If your application or environment has requirements to whitelist the IP address for access, you can add


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