Replacing Users


Follow these instructions to replace one User with another. For example, if a sales or marketing person leaves the organization you may need to remove or deactivate that person's User account in and make equivalent updates in Lead Liaison. When creating a new User make sure to update all your business processes. In the instructions below we explain how to handle this same scenario.  

Follow in Sequence

Make sure to follow these instructions in sequence from top to bottom.


Step 1: Create a New Lead Liaison User

Create the new User in Lead Liaison

Step 2: Map SFDC User to Lead Liaison User

In Lead Liaison, map the User to the Lead Liaison User

  • Go to Settings > Users > All Users > Actions > Link CRM Users
  • Find the row for the new User. Users are on the right side and Lead Liaison Users are on the left side. If you don't see the User click the "Refresh SFDC Users" button.
  • Once the new User is shown double click the cell on the left to select the new Lead Liaison User you want to map the User to. 
  • Click the "Update" button.

Step 3: Update Business Processes

  • Review any processes/workflows and replace the old User with the new User
  • Review your Teams and replace the old User with the new User.

Step 4: Change Ownership

At this stage you're ready to change the Owner of the Prospect from the old User to the new User. There are a few ways to do this:

From Within

When ownership changes in the owner will automatically be updated in Lead Liaison as long as Step 1 and Step 2 were completed. 

From Within Lead Liaison

Alternatively, the owner could be updated in Lead Liaison in one of two ways.

  • Option 1: Deleting the Old User

Deleting the old User. When deleting the old User Lead Liaison will prompt you to replace Prospects owned by the old User with another User. Select the new User from the dropdown.

  • Option 2: Run an Automation

Run an automation and select the "Lead Owner" criteria and choose the old User. Make sure to Preview the results.

In Step 2, select the "Distribute Lead" action and do not check the box to alert the Lead Owner.

In Step 3 click the Activate button to run the Automation with the following options:



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