Through the HubSpot connector, you can seamlessly sync leads from Lead Liaison to a HubSpot account through Automations, Fulfillment Actions, and Bulk Actions.

Connecting to HubSpot

To connect your account:

  • Navigate to Setup > Integrations > Connectors.

  • Scroll down to the Connector labeled "HubSpot Integration."

  • Click the “Add Account” button and it will take you to the page to enter your HubSpot credentials.

  • If you entered the correct credentials, you should see the ‘You’re successfully connected to HubSpot' message as pictured below.

Field Mapping

You can map any Captello Prospect field to any HubSpot field.

To map fields, click on the Field Mapping button on the HubSpot connector.

  • This option will only appear if you have successfully connected your account.

  • On the mapping menu, select the Lead Liaison field on the left and the corresponding HubSpot field on the right.

 Use the (+) and (-) buttons to add or remove fields. Click Save when you are finished.

Sync Objects

Captello can sync to the custom objects in HubSpot. We allow associating contacts to custom objects using the association endpoint, which requires adding the custom object ID to the automation action when used.

We collect the custom object ID, because we are not creating this custom object, it has to be already created in HubSpot. So for example, if the custom object is “Event”, you should select the association linked to this custom object and also add the Event ID when setting up the automation action.

If you have the “Update records” option turned on, any mapped field data in HubSpot will be overwritten by the synced Lead Liaison fields.

Revoke Access

You can disconnect Lead Liaison and HubSpot by revoking access. To revoke access, click the Revoke Account button on the HubSpot Connector.

Sending Leads to HubSpot

Through the HubSpot connector, you can seamlessly sync leads from Lead Liaison to a HubSpot account through Automations, Fulfillment Actions, and Bulk Actions.

  • To send leads through an automation, choose the Add to HubSpot action.

  • You can also add Conditions to the Add to HubSpot action. For example, if we are only sending the Lead if the Prospect is marked as a VIP then:

  1. If the prospect field is set to be VIP and meets the condition, then the action Add to HubSpot will take place and the lead will be sent to HubSpot.

  2. Otherwise, the default is set to No and the prospect will be sent to HubSpot.

Syncing Lead Owner and ‘Captured by’

Captello supports syncing the Owner field. It also supports syncing the ‘Captured by’ field, which contains the name of the user who captured the lead.

Both fields can be synced to Single Line Text fields in HubSpot, however, they cannot be synced to the Contact Owner property. Syncing them field to the Contact Owner property will result in denying prospects from being synced.

You can sync them to already existing single-line text fields in HubSpot, but in our example, we will create new fields (properties) for them.

Creating HubSpot Fields (Properties)

To create new Properties on HubSpot:

  • navigate to Settings > Properties > Create Property.

  • Choose Contact and Contact Information then name the property.

  • Choose Single-line text and finish creating the property.

  • Repeat the same steps to create another field to equate the Captello Owner field.

  • Go back to Captello and click on Sync Objects to sync the new properties.

  • Click on Field Mapping and map the new properties to the Captello fields.
    Captello’s Captured by field appears as Last Event Submission Captured By while Captello’s owner field appears as Owner.

  • Then click Save.

  • Once you sync a lead to HubSpot, Owner and Captured by values will appear under the selected properties.

HubSpot Logs

From the connectors page, click the Logs button to view sync logs.

You can view synced prospects' names, sync status, and date/time of sync from the Logs page. If you see an error, hover your mouse cursor over it to view the complete error message.



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