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Bizzabo Legacy

Bizzabo New

Digital Behavior Tracking



Syncing Registrants



Syncing Sessions



Syncing Events



Fulfillment Actions (Registration)



Fulfillment Actions (Event Check-In)



Fulfillment Actions (Session Check-In)



Embed Digital Activations



Embed Engagement Zones



Embed Leaderboards



Installation Method


Marketplace App

Bizzabo New


Captello's native integration with Bizzabo enhances event engagement for both online and hybrid events. You can embed Captello's Engagement Zones throughout an entire event or only within specific sessions.

Connecting your Bizzabo Account

Installing the Captello App on Your Bizzabo Account

The first requirement for the integration to work is installing the Captello app on your Bizzabo account.

The Captello app is installed by Bizzabo staff. Make sure to contact your Bizzabo representative to install the Captello app.

Setting Up Bizzabo Connector

Navigate to Setup > Integrations > Connectors and enter your Bizzabo Account ID provided by Bizzabo.

Your Bizzabo Account ID appears in the URL when logged in to your Bizzabo account.

Enabling Virtual Access to Your Event

Go to your Bizzabo event by clicking on its name.

Go to Event Experience > Venue Management and click Turn On Venue.

Switch Attendee Entrance to Open and click Save.

You are ready to add Activities to your Bizzabo event!

Adding Engagement Across Your Event

Navigate to Event Experience > Gamification.

Enable Captello Gamification OR Captello Gamification (Europe)

Only enable Europe if your Captello account is on the Europe instance (determined by your contract with Captello).

Click on Go to Captello.

A message will pop-up, asking you to sync your event to get started.

Click on the Sync button to sync your event. It may take up to 30 minutes to sync.

Once your event is synced, go back to Bizzabo and click on Go to Captello again.

Choose a Zone from the dropdown menu. The chosen Zone will be accessible at the event level. For more information about Zones, see Zones.

Inside the event, attendees will be able to see event-wide activations by clicking the Rewards button in the menu as shown below.

Adding Engagement in Your Sessions

The following steps can be followed while both creating and editing sessions.

Navigate to Event Contents > Sessions

Navigate to a session.

Click on the Virtual tab and enable the virtual session option.ble

Navigate to the Engagement tab and enable Captello Engagement OR Captello Engagement (Europe).

Click on Go to Captello.

A message will pop-up, asking you to sync your session.

Click on the Sync button to sync your sessions. It may take up to 30 minutes for the sync o be finalized.

Once your sessions are synced, go to to Bizzabo and click on Go to Captello again.

Choose a Zone for the Session.

When an attendee joins a Session, they will be able to find Captello Activities under Session Interactions.

Congratulations on taking the first steps toward driving more engagement at your events with Bizzabo and Captello!

Tracking Events

Captello will automatically pull in Events, Sessions, and Registrants from Bizzabo. To view Bizzabo data,

  • Navigate to Setup > Integrations > Connectors

  • Scroll down to the Bizzabo connector.

  • Click Manage Events.

On the Manage Events page, Captello lists all Events from your Bizzabo account. You can control which Events sync registration and session data to Captello. To enable syncing, switch on the toggle labeled Sync to the right of the event.

Once the Event is syncing, Captello will update Registrants every 30 minutes.

To manually sync registrants manually, you can click on the dropdown arrow of the event and click
on Sync Registrants.

To view Registrants, click on the number in the Registrations column. 


To view an Event's Sessions, click on the number in the Sessions column. 

Fulfillment Actions

Captello can trigger several Fulfillment Actions based on Bizzabo engagement. You can set actions at both the Event and Session Level. For Fulfillment Actions to work, the Event must have the Sync toggle turned on.


  • Actions (Register) – attendee registers for the Event.

  • Actions (Check-In) – attendee logs into the Event.

  • Actions (Session Check-In) – attendee checks in to any session.


  • Actions (Check-In) – attendee checks in to the specific session.

Use Case: Awarding Points to Leaderboards for Engaging

You can award points to attendees for attending sessions and engage at your event. For example, we may want to award +20pts for each unique session visit. To do this,

  • Create a Global Leaderboard for your Event.

  • Navigate to Setup > Integrations > Connectors.

  • Scroll down to Bizzabo.

  • Click Manage Events

  • Set your Event to Syncable.

  • Use the drop-down menu to the far right to select Actions (Session Check-In).


  • Select Change Leaderboard Points as your action.

  • Select your Event's Leaderboard.

  • Specify the points to add/subtract.

In the example below, we are adding 20 points to a Spin to WIN global leaderboard any time a Prospect checks into a Session.

If you wish to give individual sessions unique scores, you can click into the Event's Sessions (see above) and assign a session-level Fulfillment Action. For example, I may have one session that should be worth 50pts while others are only 20pts. To award extra points, we would click into the Sessions and assign an extra Fulfillment Action for +30 points to that session.

Bizzabo Legacy


Bizzabo is a leading all-in-one event management platform that powers in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. Because Captello identifies attendees automatically when they log in to Bizzabo, there's no need for lead capture forms when combined with Activations, SiteEngage, and Event Automation. You can award points to Leaderboards for engagement, tag Prospects based on their interests, and send targeted follow up based on attendance. 

Installing the Captello Tracking Code

Requires an additional license for Event Tracking (EventVision)

With the tracking code, you can track all activities inside Bizzabo (sessions, page views, game plays, downloads, etc.) without the use of Waypoints or Capture Forms. Once attendees logs in to your event, Captello will immediately identify track them. However, the Advanced Installation is not available for all events. Check the table below for requirements.





Captello Tracking Code

Obtain the tracking code from your Captello representative. You will use the same code across all events. The code will use the following format:

{console.log('Captello Engagement Suite loaded');

    document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function(){
    console.log('Event listener fired');
    if (window.__INITIAL_STATE__ &&{
         console.log('meReducer found');
         ll_3p_email =;
         ll_3p_fn =;
         ll_3p_ln =;
         ll_3p_co =;
         ll_3p_ign_act = 1;

        llcustid = XXXXX;
        ll_use_automatic_form_tracking = true;
        (function() {
            var llt = document.createElement('script'); llt.type = 'text/javascript'; llt.async = true;
            llt.src = '';
            var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(llt, s);

    else {
        console.log('meReducer returns false - check login');



Bizzabo's Detect Page Change Code

By default, Bizzabo front loads every page on their platform. The following code will force it to reload pages so our tracking engine can see individual pages.

<script> /* ---Modification to History to Detect Page Change--- */ history.pushState = ( f => function pushState(){ var ret = f.apply(this, arguments); window.dispatchEvent(new Event('pushstate')); window.dispatchEvent(new Event('locationchange')); return ret; })(history.pushState); history.replaceState = ( f => function replaceState(){ var ret = f.apply(this, arguments); window.dispatchEvent(new Event('replacestate')); window.dispatchEvent(new Event('locationchange')); return ret; })(history.replaceState); window.addEventListener('popstate',()=>{ window.dispatchEvent(new Event('locationchange')) }); /* ---Run when Nested Page Changes--- */ window.addEventListener('load', onLoaded, false); </script>





To install the Captello tracking code,

  • Login to Bizzabo.

  • Select your Event.

  • Select Website & Mobile in the top navigation bar. 

  • Click Edit Website.

  • Select HTML Code at the bottom of the left navigation bar.

  • Add the Captello tracking code to the Head of your website. 

The tracking code must be the first code listed or it may not fire properly. For more questions about adding custom code to your Bizzabo site, please contact Bizzabo support. 

Deploying Activations and Leaderboards

Once you have setup your Bizzabo tracking code, you can create your Activations inside of Captello. Once created, attendees can engage your Activation in one of three ways:

  • Clicking on a link taking them to the Activation's dedicated URL.

  • Playing the game embedded on your Bizzabo site.

  • Scanning a QR code in a session.

When linking to an Activation, simply add the Activation URL as a link anywhere on your Bizzabo site. For example, you could have a button that letting users sign up.

In the example above, the "SIGN UP" button leads to a Waypoint with a capture form. The Waypoint awards points toward the event's Global Leaderboard.


You can embed Activations and Leaderboards into Bizzabo using their Code Element. In the example below, we have embedded a Leaderboard for attendees to track their point.

First, you will need to create an iframe. In Captello,

  • Navigate to Events > Capture.

  • Use the drop-down menu to the right of the Activation/Leaderboard and select Launch.

  • Copy the URL.

  • Insert the URL into the iframe template below.

<iframe width="100%" height="800" src="INSERT URL HERE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>

Next, you need to embed the iframe into your Bizzabo page. In Bizzabo,

  • Open the appropriate page.

  • Drag over a code element.

  • Click the Edit button.

  • Set your desired Section Height and Width.

  • Insert the iframe into the code block.

  • Click Save.

If a vertical scroll bar appears next to your Activation/Leaderboard, adjust the height attribute of your iframe. If there is excessive white space below, adjust your section height in the Bizzabo code element. 

QR Codes

Presenters can add QR codes to their presentations to allow users to earn points/play a game. By making it part of the presentation, you ensure the attendees only award points if they were in attendance and paying attention!

Learn more about QR codes here

Depending on your license, you can also add points for Tracking URLs and Trackable Content clicked on your Bizzabo site. Because the attendee is automatically identified when they log in to Bizzabo, no email gates are required. 


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