This guide explains how to integrate iDonate with Lead Liaison. 


Set up a Custom Activity

  • Create a Custom Activity. Donations will get assigned to this Custom Activity. 
  • Navigate to Settings > App Setup > Custom Activities.
  • Click New.
  • Complete the fields using information similar to below. Each field is explained in detail:
    • Custom Activity
      • Name = The name of the customer activity. 
      • Identifier = Name used for API references. 
      • Campaign = Select a Lead Liaison Campaign to assign a Prospect to when they trigger the Custom Activity. 
      • Description = Description of the Custom Activity for your reference.
      • Icon = The icon that will be used in the Activity History section of the Prospect's Profile
      • Type = Select inbound if the activity is an inbound marketing activity, or outbound if it's an outbound marketing activity. Inbound/Outbound activity is used to help qualify leads. 

    • Custom Activity Fields
      • Add Donation Form Name to record the name of the iDonate form. 
      • Add Donation Description to record the description of the donation as per the description value in iDonate. 
      • Add Donation Amount to record the donation amount. 
      • Add Donation Form ID to record the form ID. 

Add a Form

Create an External Web Form and add the iDonate donation form fields you'd like to map to your Lead Liaison standard and custom fields. For example, you could add fields like "Last Donation Amount", etc. and map it. 

  • Navigate to Content > Web Forms
  • Click New
  • Choose Existing form on my website

  • In the first step, choose Setup form manually

  • Map your form fields. The iDonate form fields are on the left, while the Lead Liaison Standard and Custom fields are on the right.

Request that Lead Liaison Create an iDonate Form Handler Specific to your Company

Contact your Lead Liaison Representative to have this created.

Update your Tracking Code

Replace your existing Lead Liaison tracking code with new tracking code. Your URLs, llcustid value, and src= values will be different. Please consult with your Lead Liaison Representative to be sure of your exact tracking code. Your URLs is a list of all web pages containing an iDonate submission form.

New Tracking Code
<script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>
<script type='text/javascript' language='javascript'>
      var ll_is_append_prospect_identifier_to_urls = true;
      var ll_append_prospect_identifier_to_urls = {
        parameter: 'utm_source',
        pre_value: 'lluvid:'
      ll_append_prospect_identifier_to_urls.exact = [];
      ll_append_prospect_identifier_to_urls.exact.push ('');
      ll_append_prospect_identifier_to_urls.exact.push ('');
      ll_append_prospect_identifier_to_urls.exact.push ('');
      ll_append_prospect_identifier_to_urls.exact.push ('');
      ll_append_prospect_identifier_to_urls.exact.push ('');

      var ll_use_lazyload = true;
      var llcustid = XXXXX;
      var ll_use_automatic_form_tracking = true;

Updates to Prospect Profiles

When a donation is made from iDonate the donation will be recorded on the Prospect's Profile in two ways:

  • The Custom Activity will be recorded along with the values from the Custom Activity Fields. 
  • A web form submission will be recorded with the name of the donation form. 

Adding Automation with iDonate

Once the integration is complete it's easy to get more out of the integration. You can use the Custom Activity or Web Form Submission events to trigger additional communication or nurturing. 

How it Works

Preparing for Form Handler Processing
post_collected_data: Array
    [lluvid] => 8842083
    [id] => 5d5d5aca-17e0-468d-a883-8cfa9f850367
    [organization_id] => 8bc833a9-a9ef-4e82-b060-893e7dfbd269
    [payment_transaction_id] => e2dfe30a-9b8c-4b9e-b287-c877b37ac874
    [donor_id] => d85ba1c5-88d7-4f65-bdf6-fb0c5b6d8f25
    [description] => Cash Donation: $25.00
    [amount] => 25
    [donation_form_id] => c01356d2-b6cb-4b5f-883a-fc3de8595648
    [donation_form_name] => Our Donation Form
    [prospect_information] => Array
            [email] =>
            [firstname] => Ben
            [lastname] => Sampson
            [phone] => 888.555.1212
            [title] => Sr. Donor
            [country] => United States
            [state] => TX
            [city] => McKinney
            [street] => 8804 Milano Drive, McKinney TX 
            [street2] => 
            [zip] => 75071



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