Return on Investment


ROI values are calculated daily at 10:04AM GMT.

Revenue Attribution

Lead Liaison uses "First-Touch Attribution" to attribute revenue to your Lead Liaison Programs and Campaigns. To better understand the difference between Programs and Campaigns reference this page. Each prospect has a First Touch Campaign and First Touch Program associated with them. Once a prospect is associated with an opportunity in your CRM system and the prospect's role is updated to match the Revenue Attribution method (as described below) then the value of the opportunity is used with the value of the prospect's First Touch Campaign and First Touch Program to calculate ROI. 

How Does Lead Liaison Attribute Revenue to Programs/Campaigns?

First-Touch Attribution: this method gives full credit for the sale to the first marketing channel to "touch" the customer. First Touch has the advantage of simplicity.

Revenue Attribution Methods 

Lead Liaison provides two ways to attribute revenue to a prospect. Each method is described below:

  • By Primary Contact = When the contact is marked as the Primary contact in your CRM system. 
  • By Role = When the contact is added to a specific role as defined in your CRM. 

To change the Revenue Attribution for your Lead Liaison instance go to SettingsApp Setup > Revenue Attribution


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