QR Codes


Lead Liaison now allows you to create custom QR codes that you can design and brand how you wish. QR Codes can be used with Postcards, Tracking URLs, Games & Event links and Trackable Content.



To begin you need to design how you want the QR code to look. To accomplish this, go into Settings (Gear in top right), App Setup, QR Code.

From the QR Codes page, you would click the New button in the top right.

This will bring up the options screen to allow you to design your QR code.

From this window you can configure:

Basic Info

Name - The name of the QR template as it will appear in various dropdowns where you can create a QR code.

Description - A text area so you can help describe what the QR template is intended for.

File Type - When the QR code is displayed, you can use png or svg file format depending on your needs.

QR Code window - Shows you a sample of how your QR code will look

Set Colors

Foreground Color - Allows you to set the main color of the QR Code, which in this sample is the black part of it. You can select a single color or a gradient to be used. You can also select the Custom Eye Color checkbox in order to set a different color for the eyes of the QR Code. The eyes are the boxes in the corner.

Background Color - Allows you to set the secondary color of the QR Code. The secondary color is the white portion of the sample code above.

We highly suggest having a large contrast between the foreground and background color in order to ensure camera’s can properly detect and read the code.

Add Logo Image

From this tab, you can upload any image you wish to include on the QR Code. It will get placed in the center of the code.

The checkbox for Removing Background behind Logo is used if you have a transparent background and want to remove the QR Code from around your image making it easier to see.

Customize Design

Body Shape - Allows you to customize how the foreground dots will be displayed on your QR Code

Eye Frame Shape - Allows you to customize how the outlining box, also known as the eye on the 3 corners will appear

Eye Ball Shape - Allows you to customize how the center of the box, also known as the eye in the 3 corners will appear

Using your custom QR Code

You can use the QR Code in several places within our platform.

Lead Capture

Once you've set up your lead capture form, generating its QR code is straightforward. This form is not only functional within the mobile app, but attendees can also access it on their phones by scanning the QR code. Utilize this reverse lead capture method on table displays, by incorporating QR codes into your booth design, or when distributing promotional materials. To get your lead capture QR code, follow these steps:

  • Find your lead capture form.

  • Click on the dropdown arrow and choose Web View as illustrated below.

A pop-up window will appear presenting various QR code options. You can generate a distinct QR code for every individual station. When someone scans and submits through the QR code, their entry will be associated with that specific station, assisting you in tracking attribution.

Please be aware that every single field on your capture form can be set to either show up in the mobile app or on the web (visible post-QR code scan). If there are fields you'd rather not have appear after a QR code scan (on the web version), choose Mobile Device in the Display settings within the Event Designer.


When you create a launch link for your activation, you can create a QR Code. To do so use the Dropdown to select the template you created, then click on Generate QR Code. You can then save the image to be used where you wish.


When designing your postcard, there is a QR Code element you can drag onto your postcard and place where you wish.

One placed, you can then click on the QR Code to be provided the options for selecting your QR Code template, and what the QR Code will do, such as lead to a tracking link.

Tracking URL

You can create a QR Code that leads to any Tracking URL you have configured. To do this, use the options drop down beside any Tracking URL and select QR Code

From there, a window will pop up to select your QR Code template, then click generate. It will produce the image which you can save and use where you need.

Trackable Content

QR Codes for Trackable Content work exactly the same way as for Tracking URL, so you can look above for directions.


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