Jifflenow is a meeting automation platform that helps automate the scheduling, management, and analysis of B2B in-person and virtual meetings.

Captello integrates with Jifflenow by sending captured lead information over to the Jifflenow platform.

Setting up Jifflenow connector

To setup the Jifflenow connector, follow these steps:

  • Go to Account Settings > Integrations > Connectors > and click on Add Jifflenow Account button.

  • Enter your Jifflenow Domain Name, Integration User, Client ID and Client Secret (you’ll get this information from Jifflenow)
    Note: This information changes for every event that is setup in Jifflenow. So for each new event, you’d need to get new information from Jifflenow and enter it in the connector here.

  • Click connect and it will take you to Jifflenow for authentication and you will be asked for your username and email address.

  • Next, it will prompt you to enter the one time password (OTP) sent via email. The email will come from notifications@jifflenow.com.

  • Once you enter the OTP, it will take you back to Captello account and update the authentication information to connect to Jifflenow.

We support adding multiple Jifflenow accounts. You can also delete or change settings for any of your added accounts by using these options:

Sending lead data to Jifflenow

The data we send to Jifflenow includes:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Company

  • Title

  • Email

  • Country

  • Scanner Name = Event Name appended with device username (example: HIMSS 2022 | Chris K.)

  • Scanner Id = Captello Device ID

NOTE: If Jifflenow receives a country that is not included in their pick list, the submission will be rejected with an indication that the value is invalid. On the other hand, if the country parameter is not transmitted or is inputted as blank, then it will synced to Jifflenow with a value of '-' character.

To send the data, use the “ Jifflenow | Sync Last Event Submission” action which is available both in a Fulfillment Action and as an Automation action.

If you have multiple Jifflenow accounts added, then select the one you’d like to use in the Fulfillment Action or Automation action.


On Jifflenow’s side, the scanner device information will be available under the Badge Scan section here:

Lead capture data from Captello will appear in your Jifflenow dashboard here:

From here, you can select the attendee and create a new meeting in Jifflenow or add them to an existing meeting.

Here is a quick training guide on how to use Jifflenow + Captello for Badge Scan and Check-in:



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