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Lead Liaison offers native people search capabilities powered by ZoomInfo to help sales and marketers pin-point new Prospects. Integration with ZoomInfo is intended to be used as a prospecting search tool, not a list builder. Building lists is okay, but sending bulk communication using Lead Liaison to contacts who do not opt-in to your email communication is against the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). 

Note on Licensing

People Search must be added to your subscription license. To understand licensing options please contact your Lead Liaison account manager.

Step 1: Identifying the Company

Once you've enabled People Search, finding contacts is easy. From the visitor tracking page, do the following:

  • Click the ZoomInfo icon under the ZoomInfo column
  • The system will use the Company identified in tracking to find similar companies. Instead of guessing which company it is, we provide a list of companies for you to choose from. In the screenshot below we're searching for all companies matching "Motorola". Suppose I want to search Motorola's headquarters in Schaumburg, IL for contacts. Click the company name in blue, in this case "Motorola Inc", to select the company to use for the search. 

  • In the screenshot below you'll see the company is then filled in the search box. 

Use Domain Names Too!

Feel free to conduct other searches using the Company Search box on the top left. You can use a domain name, or search for any other company, then click the search icon (or Enter on your keyboard) to search. There are no additional fees for company searches.

Step 2: Set your Search Criteria

Using the left panel, select the appropriate search criteria. Your search criteria will be saved the next time you open the People Search window. This makes it easy when searching for people in the same location or role, especially if you're in sales and selling to the same types of people in a specific geography. Once you've got your search criteria in place click the Search button. 

Step 3: Select your Contacts

As shown below, select the people you want to purchase contact information for. 

Step 4: Take Action

In the Take Action area, click the dropdown to see a list of options. Here are the available choices:

  1. Add to Automation = Adds a person to an automation of your choice. When added, the actions in the automation will be applied. Please note that Lead Liaison does not tolerate abuse of the system. For example, having a Send Email inline with your automation and bulk adding people to it could cause your account to get suspended if spam complaints are received. 
  2. Add to List = Adds a person to a list in the system. 
  3. Create Prospect = Creates a Prospect in the system. 
  4. Export to CSV = Exports the selected contacts into a CSV file. 
  5. Share via Email = Sends the contact details to another user or one or more people with an email address. 

To assign a Lead Owner to the contact click the gear to the right to show the Lead Owner dropdown. The default Lead Owner will be the user who is logged into the system. 

Pulling a Report of Purchased Contacts

To pull a report of all contacts purchased do the following:

  • Go to Prospects > Lists
  • Click Purchased under the All Lists dropdown
  • Select ZoomInfo from the blue button

Export or print your contacts using the gear. Filter your purchases by date using the Filter by Date Range dropdown. 





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