Connecting your Grip Account

To connect your Grip account, your API Token and Container ID are needed.

Go to Setup > Integrations > Connectors. Fill in the API Token and Container ID Fields then click Save.

Acquiring your Container ID and API Token

Container ID

To obtain your container ID, choose your application and event, and copy the ID on the desired event’s card.

API Token

Note: To ensure the API Token functions smoothly, it's essential to have 'App Admin’ permission. Please reach out to the Grip’s Delivery Manager or Product Manager you're collaborating with. They will be able to grant you the appropriate permissions.

To obtain your API Token, follow the steps below:
1. From the home screen, navigate to App Settings > API Tokens.

  1. Click on the drop-down arrow to expand

  1. Copy your API Token

Note: Container ID and API Token are unique for each Grip event. They will need to be updated before syncing each event.

Acquiring your Zone Embed Link

To sync a zone to your Grip event, obtain the zone’s Grip embed link by following these steps:

  • Navigate to the Home Page by clicking on Home or on the Captello logo.


  • Go to Events > Activations > Zones

  • Click on the name of the zone you want to sync. This will launch the Zone Builder.

  • Go to the Launch tab and click on the Grip button.


  • Copy the Grip URL.

You are now ready to embed your zone into your Grip account!

Using the embed link to show your Captello zone inside Grip

To show your Captello zone inside your Grip event, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Event Details > Navigation.

  1. Create or Edit a Navigation Item.

  1. From Item Placement, Item Type and Sub-Category, choose Primary, URL and Embedded Link respectively, then add your Embed URL in the Embeddable URL field.

Captello Zones inside your Grip Event

On The Grip Web App

Once an attendee launches your event, they will be able to launch your zone form the left side.

On Mobile

On mobile, an attendee is able to see Captello zones from the More menu.



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