Managing Fields

Adding a Custom Field in Lead Liaison

To add a custom field in Lead Liaison do the following:

  • Click Settings > App Setup > Manage Fields
  • Click the Add Field button
  • Enter details of the new custom field:
    • Name = Name you'd like to give this custom field. We suggest using the same name you used when adding the custom field to
    • Data Type = Type of data. Data types are explained below.
    • Click Save when finished.
  • The new custom field will appear in System Fields tab.

Customers using OneFocus™ CRM will have a slightly different experience when creating a new Prospect custom field. The same experience applies for creating new custom fields on Deals and Organizations.

  • Click Settings > App Setup > Manage Fields
  • Click the Add Field button

Restrict Picklists

For the Multiple Options and Dropdown field type you'll see a Restrict picklist values option. Enable this switch to enforce data integrity with restricted picklists. This setting limits the field to accept only values from your picklist. For example, when enabled, the user will not see the text nor have the option to press enter to add a new value (see first screenshot below). Note, API updates or imports will create new values. 

You can also choose to sort values alphabetically or by the order they are added.

Multi-Option Fields

Autocomplete, Multiple Options, and Dropdown fields offer the ability to add the same or different Labels or Values. 

    • A Label is what the end user will see in the dropdown or multi-select. 
    • A Value is what is saved into the database. 
    • When searching the Prospect database or using merge fields the Value is always used.
    • Unique Label/Value pairs can be automatically imported into a Lead Liaison form. 
    • In the example below, we create a Smart Phone field with the Label first, a colon as the separator, and the Value second. In the 2nd screenshot, you'll see how the dropdown is displayed to the user. 

Custom Address Fields

The Address field type allows you to create a group of fields. Give the field a name, and it will apply that name to the following sub-fields:

  • Street Address 1
  • Street Address 2
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Country

In the example below, we are create a Shipping Address field. Note that each sub-field is labeled as Shipping Street Address 1 etc.

Custom Email Fields

If you create multiple Email fields, the system will prompt you to select which field to use when sending. You can use the Prospect's primary email, or select one of your custom fields. To change a Prospect's primary email from the standard Email field, click on the flag icon next to the email address on the Details Info Card.

Use the Flag icon next to the address you would like to set as the Prospect's primary email. The system will use this field as a default for this Prospect moving forward.

Checking Field Usage

You can edit or delete fields, but doing so may break mappings in Forms, data merge fields, and Automations. Check where a field is in use by locating it on the Manage Fields page and using the drop-down menu to the far right.

Click on each of the object types to see where the form is used. Click on the object to view/edit.

Deleting Custom Fields

You can delete Custom Fields by using the drop-down menu to the far right of the field. 

If the field is in use, the system will display the Field Usage menu. Make sure to update each of the objects to use a different field or you may run into complications with other parts of the system.

Standard Fields

NameData Merge ValueWith Default ValueIdentifierData Type
Annual Revenue%%AnnualRevenue%%%%AnnualRevenue:default=Default Value Here%%AnnualRevenueDecimal
Area of Interest%%AreaOfInterest%%%%AreaOfInterest:default=Default Value Here%%AreaOfInterestString
Assistant%%Assistant%%%%Assistant:default=Default Value Here%%AssistantString
Bounced%%Bounced%%%%Bounced:default=Default Value Here%%BouncedBoolean
Budget%%Budget%%%%Budget:default=Default Value Here%%BudgetDecimal
City%%City%%%%City:default=Default Value Here%%CityString
Comments%%Comments%%%%Comments:default=Default Value Here%%CommentsString
Company%%Company%%%%Company:default=Default Value Here%%CompanyString
Company Address


*Comes from "Company Address" field on an Email List.

%%companyaddress:default=Default Value Here%%

Company Name


*Comes from "Company Name" field on an Email List.

%%companyname:default=Default Value Here%%companynameString
Competitors%%Competitors%%%%Competitors:default=Default Value Here%%CompetitorsString
Country%%Country%%%%Country:default=Default Value Here%%CountryString
Create Date%%CreateDate%%%%CreateDate:default=Default Value Here%%CreateDateDate Time
CRM%%CRM%%%%CRM:default=Default Value Here%%CRMString
Current Year%%currentyear%%%%currentyear:default=Default Value Here%%currentyearString
Date%%Date%%%%Date:default=Default Value Here%%DateDate
Date and Time%%DateAndTime%%%%DateAndTime:default=Default Value Here%%DateAndTimeDate Time
Department%%Department%%%%Department:default=Default Value Here%%DepartmentString
Description%%Description%%%%Description:default=Default Value Here%%DescriptionText
Do Not Call%%DoNotCall%%%%DoNotCall:default=Default Value Here%%DoNotCallBoolean
Do Not Email%%DoNotEmail%%%%DoNotEmail:default=Default Value Here%%DoNotEmailBoolean
Email%%Email%%%%Email:default=Default Value Here%%EmailString
Fax%%Fax%%%%Fax:default=Default Value Here%%FaxString
First Inbound Activity Date%%FirstInboundActivityDate%%%%FirstInboundActivityDate:default=Default Value Here%%FirstInboundActivityDateDate Time
First Name%%FirstName%%%%FirstName:default=Default Value Here%%FirstNameString
First Outbound Activity Date%%FirstOutboundActivityDate%%%%FirstOutboundActivityDate:default=Default Value Here%%FirstOutboundActivityDateDate Time
Full Address%%FullAddress%%%%FullAddress:default=Default Value Here%%FullAddressString
Full Name%%FullName%%%%FullName:default=Default Value Here%%FullNameString
Geo IP Address%%geo_ip_addresses%%%%geo_ip_addresses:default=Default Value Here%%Geo_IP_Addressesstring
Grade%%LeadGrade%%%%LeadGrade:default=Default Value Here%%LeadGradeString
Home Phone%%HomePhone%%%%HomePhone:default=Default Value Here%%HomePhoneString
Industry%%Industry%%%%Industry:default=Default Value Here%%IndustryDropdown
Job Title%%JobTitle%%%%JobTitle:default=Default Value Here%%JobTitleString
Last 3P Email Respond Date%%Last3PEmailRespondDate%%%%Last3PEmailRespondDate:default=Default Value Here%%Last3PEmailRespondDateDate Time
Last Autoresponder Link Click Date%%LastAutoresponderLinkClickDate%%%%LastAutoresponderLinkClickDate:default=Default Value Here%%LastAutoresponderLinkClickDateDate Time
Last Autoresponder Open Date%%LastAutoresponderOpenDate%%%%LastAutoresponderOpenDate:default=Default Value Here%%LastAutoresponderOpenDateDate Time
Last Autoresponder Sent Date%%LastAutoresponderSentDate%%%%LastAutoresponderSentDate:default=Default Value Here%%LastAutoresponderSentDateDate Time
Last Chat Date%%LastChatDate%%%%LastChatDate:default=Default Value Here%%LastChatDateDate Time
Last Chat Decline Date%%LastChatDeclineDate%%%%LastChatDeclineDate:default=Default Value Here%%LastChatDeclineDateDate Time
Last Content Download Date%%LastContentDownloadDate%%%%LastContentDownloadDate:default=Default Value Here%%LastContentDownloadDateDate Time
Last Email Link Click Date%%LastEmailLinkClickDate%%%%LastEmailLinkClickDate:default=Default Value Here%%LastEmailLinkClickDateDate Time
Last Email Open Date%%LastEmailOpenDate%%%%LastEmailOpenDate:default=Default Value Here%%LastEmailOpenDateDate Time
Last Email Sent Date%%LastEmailSentDate%%%%LastEmailSentDate:default=Default Value Here%%LastEmailSentDateDate Time
Last Event Status Change Date%%LastEventStatusChangeDate%%%%LastEventStatusChangeDate:default=Default Value Here%%LastEventStatusChangeDateDate Time
Last Form Submit Data%%last_form_submit_data%%%%last_form_submit_data:default=Default Value Here%%

Last Inbound Activity Date%%LastInboundActivityDate%%%%LastInboundActivityDate:default=Default Value Here%%LastInboundActivityDateDate Time
Last Invite to Chat Date%%LastInviteToChatDate%%%%LastInviteToChatDate:default=Default Value Here%%LastInviteToChatDateDate Time
Last Landing Page Visit Date%%LastLandingPageVisitDate%%%%LastLandingPageVisitDate:default=Default Value Here%%LastLandingPageVisitDateDate Time
Last Name%%LastName%%%%LastName:default=Default Value Here%%LastNameString
Last Outbound Activity Date%%LastOutboundActivityDate%%%%LastOutboundActivityDate:default=Default Value Here%%LastOutboundActivityDateDate Time
Last Referrer%%LastReferrer%%%%LastReferrer:default=Default Value Here%%LastReferrerString
Last Sales Email Link Click Date%%LastSalesEmailLinkClickDate%%%%LastSalesEmailLinkClickDate:default=Default Value Here%%LastSalesEmailLinkClickDateDate Time
Last Sales Email Open Date%%LastSalesEmailOpenDate%%%%LastSalesEmailOpenDate:default=Default Value Here%%LastSalesEmailOpenDateDate Time
Last Sales Email Sent Date%%LastSalesEmailSentDate%%%%LastSalesEmailSentDate:default=Default Value Here%%LastSalesEmailSentDateDate Time
Last Search Engine%%LastSearchEngine%%%%LastSearchEngine:default=Default Value Here%%LastSearchEngineString
Last Search Phrase%%LastSearchWords%%%%LastSearchWords:default=Default Value Here%%LastSearchWordsString
Last Send and Track Email Respond Date%%LastSendAndTrackEmailRespondDate%%%%LastSendAndTrackEmailRespondDate:default=Default Value Here%%LastSendAndTrackEmailRespondDateDate Time
Last Social Media Click Date%%LastSocialMediaClickDate%%%%LastSocialMediaClickDate:default=Default Value Here%%LastSocialMediaClickDateDate Time
Last Video Conversion Date%%LastVideoConversionDate%%%%LastVideoConversionDate:default=Default Value Here%%LastVideoConversionDateDate Time
Last Video Play Date%%LastVideoPlayDate%%%%LastVideoPlayDate:default=Default Value Here%%LastVideoPlayDateDate Time
Last Video Watch Date%%LastVideoWatchDate%%%%LastVideoWatchDate:default=Default Value Here%%LastVideoWatchDateDate Time
Last Web Form Submission Date%%LastWebFormSubmissionDate%%%%LastWebFormSubmissionDate:default=Default Value Here%%LastWebFormSubmissionDateDate Time
Last Website Visit Date%%LastWebsiteVisitDate%%%%LastWebsiteVisitDate:default=Default Value Here%%LastWebsiteVisitDateDate Time
Lead Status%%LeadStatus%%%%LeadStatus:default=Default Value Here%%LeadStatusString
Mobile Phone%%MobilePhone%%%%MobilePhone:default=Default Value Here%%MobilePhoneString
Most Recent Geo IP Address%%most_recent_geo_ip_address%%%%most_recent_geo_ip_address:default=Default Value Here%%Most_Recent_Geo_IP_AddressString
Number of Employees%%NumberOfEmployees%%%%NumberOfEmployees:default=Default Value Here%%NumberOfEmployeesNumber
Operating System%%OperatingSystem%%%%OperatingSystem:default=Default Value Here%%OperatingSystemString
Original IP Address%%TrackedIpAddress%%%%TrackedIpAddress:default=Default Value Here%%TrackedIpAddressString
Original Lead Source%%LeadSource%%%%LeadSource:default=Default Value Here%%LeadSourceDropdown
Original Referrer%%OriginalReferrer%%%%OriginalReferrer:default=Default Value Here%%OriginalReferrerString
Original Search Engine%%OriginalSearchEngine%%%%OriginalSearchEngine:default=Default Value Here%%OriginalSearchEngineString
Original Search Phrase%%OriginalSearchWords%%%%OriginalSearchWords:default=Default Value Here%%OriginalSearchWordsString
Original Source Info%%OriginalSourceInfo%%%%OriginalSourceInfo:default=Default Value Here%%OriginalSourceInfoString
Original Source Type%%OriginalSourceType%%%%OriginalSourceType:default=Default Value Here%%OriginalSourceTypeString
Password%%Password%%%%Password:default=Default Value Here%%PasswordString
Product Interest%%ProductInterest%%%%ProductInterest:default=Default Value Here%%ProductInterestString
Prospect ID%%Prospect_ID%%N/AProspect_IDString
Salutation%%Salutation%%%%Salutation:default=Default Value Here%%SalutationString
Score%%LeadScore%%%%LeadScore:default=Default Value Here%%LeadScoreNumber
State/Province%%State%%%%State:default=Default Value Here%%StateString
Street Address%%StreetAddress%%%%StreetAddress:default=Default Value Here%%StreetAddressString
Timeframe%%Timeframe%%%%Timeframe:default=Default Value Here%%TimeframeString
Type%%Type%%%%Type:default=Default Value Here%%TypeString
Website%%Website%%%%Website:default=Default Value Here%%WebsiteString
Work Phone%%WorkPhone%%%%WorkPhone:default=Default Value Here%%WorkPhoneString
Zipcode%%Zipcode%%%%Zipcode:default=Default Value Here%%Zipcode


Last Event Submission Event End Date%%LastEventSubmissionEventEndDate%%%%LastEventSubmissionEventEndDate:default=Default Value Here%%LastEventSubmissionEventEndDateDate
Last Event Submission Event ID%%LastEventSubmissionEventID%%%%LastEventSubmissionEventID:default=Default Value Here%%LastEventSubmissionEventIDNumber
Last Event Submission Event Start Date%%LastEventSubmissionEventStartDate%%%%LastEventSubmissionEventStartDate:default=Default Value Here%%LastEventSubmissionEventStartDateDate
Last Event Submission Initial Station%%LastEventSubmissionInitialStation%%%%LastEventSubmissionInitialStation:default=Default Value Here%%LastEventSubmissionInitialStationText
Last Event Submission Event Archive Date%%LastEventSubmissionEventArchiveDate%%%%LastEventSubmissionEventArchiveDate:default=Default Value Here%%LastEventSubmissionEventArchiveDateDate
Last Event Submission Rating%%LastEventSubmissionRating%%%%LastEventSubmissionRating:default=Default Value Here%%LastEventSubmissionRatingText
Last Event Submission Event Street Address%%LastEventSubmissionEventStreetAddress%%%%LastEventSubmissionEventStreetAddress:default=Default Value Here%%LastEventSubmissionEventStreetAddressText
Last Event Submission By%%LastEventSubmissionBy%%%%LastEventSubmissionBy:default=Default Value Here%%LastEventSubmissionByText
Last Event Submission Event Zipcode%%LastEventSubmissionEventZipcode%%%%LastEventSubmissionEventZipcode:default=Default Value Here%%LastEventSubmissionEventZipcodeText
Last Event Submission Method%%LastEventSubmissionMethod%%%%LastEventSubmissionMethod:default=Default Value Here%%LastEventSubmissionMethodText
Last Event Submission Event City%%LastEventSubmissionEventCity%%%%LastEventSubmissionEventCity:default=Default Value Here%%LastEventSubmissionEventCityText
Last Event Submission Date%%LastEventSubmissionDate%%%%LastEventSubmissionDate:default=Default Value Here%%LastEventSubmissionDateDate Time
Last Event Submission Event State%%LastEventSubmissionEventState%%%%LastEventSubmissionEventState:default=Default Value Here%%LastEventSubmissionEventStateText
Last Event Submission Event Country%%LastEventSubmissionEventCountry%%%%LastEventSubmissionEventCountry:default=Default Value Here%%LastEventSubmissionEventCountryText
Last Event Submission Event Full Address%%LastEventSubmissionEventFullAddress%%%%LastEventSubmissionEventFullAddress:default=Default Value Here%%LastEventSubmissionEventFullAddressText
Last Event Submission Event Owner%%LastEventSubmissionEventOwner%%%%LastEventSubmissionEventOwner:default=Default Value Here%%LastEventSubmissionEventOwnerText
Last Event Submission Device%%LastEventSubmissionDevice%%%%LastEventSubmissionDevice:default=Default Value Here%%LastEventSubmissionDeviceText
Last Event Submission Event Name%%LastEventSubmissionEventName%%%%LastEventSubmissionEventName:default=Default Value Here%%LastEventSubmissionEventName


Last Event Submission Number of Visited Stations%%LastEventSubmissionNumberOfVisitedStations%%%%LastEventSubmissionNumberOfVisitedStations:default=Default Value Here%%LastEventSubmissionNumberOfVisitedStationsNumber

Description of Select Standard Fields

  • Create Date: The date the Prospect was created. 

Using a CRM

If the Lead Liaison Prospect is synced with a CRM, such as, then the Create Date in your CRM will override the Create Date in Lead Liaison.

  • Original Referrer: The URL of the website that originally referred the prospect to your company's website. Set the first time the prospect is tracked as a visitor and will never be set again even if there was no initial value.
  • Original Search Engine: The original search engine used by the prospect to find your company's website. Set the first time the prospect is tracked as a visitor and will never be set again.
  • Original Search Phrase: The original search phrase (keywords/keyphrase) used by the prospect to find your company's website. Set the first time the prospect is tracked as a visitor and will never be set again even if there was no initial value.
  • Last Referrer: The URL of the website that referred the prospect to your company's website on their last visit. Set every time a new visit is tracked for a prospect but only if it has a value. If it is empty, then the value is ignored and the last value is kept. 
  • Last Search Engine: The search engine the prospect last used to find your company's website. Set every time a new visit is tracked for a prospect but only if it has a value. If it is empty, then the value is ignored and the last value is kept. 
  • Last Search Phrase: The search phrase (keyword/keyphrase) the prospect last used to find your company's website. Set every time a new visit is tracked for a prospect but only if it has a value. If it is empty, then the value is ignored and the last value is kept. 

Data Merge

Data can be merged with most areas of functionality across Lead Liaison. The following areas can be used with data merge:

  • Email messages
  • Email message subject lines
  • Autoresponders
  • Web form alerts
  • Hosted web form success/error messages and redirect URLs
  • Send alert Workflow action
  • Webhook templates
  • SiteEngage Dialog Windows
  • Handwritten Letters
  • Postcards

Use the "Data Merge Value" in the above table to merge data into any of the above sections. 

Default values may be used when no value exists at the time of merge. To use a default value follow this form:

%%FieldName:default=Default Value Here%%

You'll notice that ":default=Default Value Here" was added at the end of the field name. Default values work for standard or custom fields. For example, suppose you're sending out an email campaign and you want to personalize the email with the person's first name by saying something like "Hey Mike". However, if the person did not have a first name in the system you could say something like "Hey There". Here's how you'd do it:


The list of allowed characters in a data merge are:

  • Letters (lower and upper case)
  • Numbers
  • White space
  • And these characters _ : = + - } { | ; ? , . !

Data Merge for Custom Fields

Use the "Identifier" shown next to your custom field in Lead Liasion surrounded by "%%" for data merge values on custom fields. For example, if your custom field is "Favorite Color", your Identifier is likely "favorite_color__c". The merge value would be "%%favorite_color__c%%".

Field Types

The following field types are supported:

Note on Picklist (Multi-Select)

The Lead Liaison Standard Field with type "Picklist (Multi-Select)" is for fields that have multiple values together. For example, red, blue and green. The "Picklist (Multi-Select)" field type cannot be used for mapping while importing contacts into Lead Liaison. The primary purpose for this field type is to support a CRM system, such as, with the same data type.

When using a picklist multi-select field in automation, be mindful of the contains and does not contain operators. Suppose your multi-select picklist field was called "color" and had blue, red, and green. Lets use an example to better understand how this works. Imagine a box of balls with a blue, red, and green ball inside. If we asked, does the box of balls contain a blue ball, the value would be true, since there's a blue ball in the box. If we asked, does the box not contain blue, the answer would also be true, as there's a red and green ball inside. When using a field with does not contain as the operator, a similar result will happen. For example, does the color field not contain red? The answer would be true, because blue and green are also values selected in the multi-select picklist. 

For Users

The standard "Picklist" field (which will only have one value, not multiple values) can be mapped to a Lead Liaison Custom Field with data type as string.


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