Removing & Unsubscribing Contacts

Take the following steps to permanently remove a contact from the email software:

You can remove contacts by entering their address manually, or by uploading a file containing the addresses of each contact you want to remove. Alternatively, use the Contacts > View all contacts screen to delete single contacts.

You can also use this procedure to mark contacts as unsubscribed; see below.

  • Click Content > Emails > Contacts > Remove contacts.

  • Select the contact list from which you want to remove contacts. Click Next.

  • Define the contacts that you want to remove from the list.
  • To enter the contact's email addresses manually, select I want to type the email addresses of contacts into a text box. Enter the addresses in the field that displays.

  • To upload a list of email addresses, select I want to upload a file that contains the email addresses of contacts

The file that you use should contain email addresses only, one address to a line.

  • Enter the filepath of the file you want to use, or click Browse and locate the file.
  • Use the For the contacts above field to specify whether you want to delete the contacts permanently, or just mark them as unsubscribed.
  • If you want to delete the contacts permanently, select Remove them from my list permanently.
  • If you want to mark the contacts as unsubscribed, but keep the contact's details, select Mark them as unsubscribed in my list.
  • Click Next.
  • A screen displays with a report of the results. You can use this screen to delete more contacts from the list.