Blocked Emails

When a Prospect Bounces, Unsubscribes, or marks one of your emails as Spam, our system flags the Prospect Profile and will not attempt to email them again. The Prospect is also added to a Global Do Not Email list. When they are on this List, you may see a Block warning on the Prospect Profile. 

When a Prospect is Blocked, we will not send them emails from our Email Marketing. However, /wiki/spaces/DEV/pages/18907813 (1:1) emails are not affected as they are sent from your email server and not our system.

When could I see this warning?

Typically we will show the Prospect as Bounced or Unsubscribed rather than Blocked. However, there are a few situations in which you might see the Block flag instead. For a record to be marked Blocked, the following must happen:

  • The Prospect is sent an email.
  • The Prospect Bounces/Unsubscribes/Marks Spam.
  • The Prospect record is deleted.

Even though the Prospect record is deleted, their email address remains on the Global Do Not Email list. If a new record is created using the same email address, the new record is Blocked. The new record could be created through:

  • The Prospect filling out a web form.
  • The Prospect converting on Trackable Content or a video.
  • The Prospect syncing from your CRM.
  • A user uploading a list of emails.
  • A third-party API adding the Prospect.

Why do you Block emails?

There are a few reasons we Block emails on the Global Do Not Email list.

If the Block originated from a Bounce, sending another email could create another Bounce. Every Bounce negatively affects your email domain reputation, which could then make it more likely for other email clients to Bounce you or mark you as Spam. It can also affect our Sender IP addresses, and we must make sure these stay clean to provide the best service possible.

If the Block originated from an Unsubscribe, you could be responsible for serious legal repercussions. Most countries, including the United States, have laws requiring you to honor unsubscribe requests. If you send another email, regardless of the reason, you could be breaking the law.

Finally, if the Block originated from a Spam complaint, you could severely harm your email domain reputation by sending to the same email address. The worse your reputation, the more likely for your emails to go straight to the Spam folder.

What if I know the email is good?

At your discretion, you can remove the Block flag from a Prospect Profile. To do this, hover over the block notification to find the reason for the block and adjust the appropriate field. For example, if a Prospect is Blocked for Bouncing, change the Bounced field to "No." If it is for opting out, change Email Opt Out to "No."

By removing the Prospect from the Global Do Not Email list, you are certifying that the email address is valid. You are responsible for upholding the applicable email laws in your region. You are also responsible for following Lead Liaison's Master Subscription Agreement. Failure to do so could result in your email sending being throttled or suspended.