Managing List Unsubscribes

Who Receives Email?

Only contacts marked as subscribed and confirmed will receive mail.

Check the "Status" and "Confirmation Status" on each contact. Note, Status and Confirmation Status is per Contact List. In the example below the contact will receive an email since their Confirmation Status = Confirmed and their Status = Active within this particular Contact List.

How Unsubscribes Appear in the App

When looking at an email campaign the value of the "Unsubscribes" are for each email list. As soon as a recipient unsubscribes the unsubscribes are counted on the email campaign stats, even if they unsubscribe from other lists. Let's consider a few examples:

Example 1:

  • A prospect unsubscribes from a list on November 8th. One unsubscribe is recorded. 
  • The prospect is added to two other lists. 
  • On January 8th, the prospect unsubscribes from all existing lists but chooses to receive future communication. Two unsubscribes will be recorded on the stats for this list. 

Example 2:

  • A prospect tries to unsubscribe from a list on November 8th. 
  • They select the "Show unsubscribe from lists but allow future communications". 
  • The prospect was previously added to 4 lists. 
  • Four unsubscribes will be recorded on the stats for the email list the prospect took the action on to unsubscribe.

Unsubscribing Contacts

To comply with Can-Spam regulations Lead Liaison requires an unsubscribe link in every email campaign.  Consider including it at the top of your message, which makes it easy for recipients to see. When a contact clicks the unsubscribe link they will be presented with three options depending on your unsubscribe settings. The three options are:

  1. Show unsubscribe from all communications (permanent). This option permanently removes the user from all past and future email marketing communications. When this option is selected it also checks the "Do Not Email" field, which is a Lead Liaison Standard Field. For users, the "Email Opt Out" field will also be checked. 
  2. Show unsubscribe from lists but allow future communications. This option unsubscribes the user from all past lists; however, you'll still be able to send them future email communications. 
  3. Show unsubscribe from individual listsThis option presents the user with a list of mailing lists from which to unsubscribe, simply by ticking the checkbox next to each list and clicking the "Save" button. The list of mailing lists will not be displayed until the user clicks the radio button to select this option. 

Can-Spam Regulations

To comply with Can-Spam regulations we do not allow turning off the "Show unsubscribe from all communications (permanent)" option. It will be greyed out by default in the settings.

To change your email marketing unsubscribe settings go to Settings > App Setup > Email. You'll see something similar to the screenshot below:

Email recipients who click your unsubscribe link will see any of the three unsubscribe options (as shown above) that have been enabled. In the screenshot below, the Admin enabled all three unsubscribe options. As a result, the end user sees three radio buttons:

Change Text on Unsubscribe Page

The text shown for the unsubscribe options may be changed by going to Settings > App Setup > Email and click the gear as shown below.

Modify Details Option

Lead Liaison also includes the ability to generate a "modify details" form link for each contact list, so your contacts can simply click this and then change their name, email and also choose which lists (single or multiple) they would like to unsubscribe from.

Create your text (eg 'Click here to unsubscribe'). Highlight it (like you would when you create a regular link), click the Link button and put '%BASIC:UNSUBLINK%' as the URL.

Bulk Unsubscribes

Not a Global Unsubscribe

Using a bulk unsubscribe option is not the same as a permanent, global unsubscribe. The recipient can still receive future email communications if you use this option. To globally and permanently unsubscribe recipients from your email communications use the "Show unsubscribe from all communications (permanent)" option as noted above under the Unsubscribing Contacts section.

If you would like your users to be able to unsubscribe from all of your contact lists at one time you can create an unsubscribe form that unsubscribes your contact from all of your contact lists and make the form available to the contact. An unsubscribe form, like a subscription form, can be used to unsubscribe your contact from multiple lists by filling out a single form. You'll also have the opportunity to customize your unsubscribe page. Otherwise, add an unsubscribe link into your emails as you send them allowing your contacts to unsubscribe as they receive your emails.

If you'd like unsubscribe statistics to be captured for a certain campaign, add an "Unsubscribe Link" to the campaign. When a contact clicks that link they will get unsubscribed from the contact list that the campaign is sending to.

When previewing a newsletter, the unsubscribe and custom fields will not show up.

The unsubscribe link and all other custom fields do not show up in your newsletter when you send a "Preview", and only their respective placeholders will. This is because you are previewing the newsletter, and technically, there is no real data attached to this newsletter. When the newsletter is sent to your contact list, the unsubscribe link will show up, as well as all other custom fields.