Operational Emails


When Prospects unsubscribe from emails or have their Email Opt Out flag set it's possible they should still receive non-marketing communications. For example, system status or legal notification emails that should be delivered to all users/customers. Operational emails are also great for internal communications. 

When an email is set as operational, the following will happen:

  • List members who have unsubscribed will still receive the email. 
  • List members who have Email Opt Out set on their profile will still receive the email. 
  • List members who have an email that has bounced will not receive the email. 
  • The unsubscribe link will not be added to the email automatically. 

Policy Notice

Lead Liaison provides a permission-based email marketing system. We require all prospects who receive your marketing emails to be opted in. Misuse of Operational Emails for purposes other than those stated in this guide can result in account suspension

Which Emails can be Operational?

IS Operational

Is NOT Operational

Critical system changes that require users to take action in order to keep using the product

Product updates and improvement announcements

Shipping Info, Invoices

Webinar invites and reminders

Password Resets

Permission Passes

Order Confirmations, Order Delays

Holiday Card Emails

System Status Notices

Marketing Emails

Legally required notifications


Usage Instructions

Sending Operational Emails

Operational emails can only be sent to a list from Content > Emails. They are not accessible from an automation, fulfillment action, etc. This feature must be enabled on your account. If you have a need for this capability, then contact your Lead Liaison Representative for consideration and approval.

  • First, designate your email as an Operational Email. Create a new email. Click the Advanced link, then select "Operational" for Email Type

  • Now send your email to a list. Unsubscribe links will not be added automatically and Opted Out / Unsubscribed prospects will still receive the email. 


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