Links are Clicked but no Website Activity is Recorded


You may occasionally find the system recording email link clicks without website activity being recorded. For example, in the screenshot below you'll notice the Prospect has clicked links in two separate emails; however, there's no activity type for "Website Visit". This scenario is explained in more detail below. 

Here are the two reasons why website visits may not be recorded:

  1. Prospect closes their browser before the tracked webpage fully loads. Lead Liaison's tracking code loads at the end of a page load.
  2. Prospect does not have cookies enabled on their browser (could be a smartphone or high security on their browser).

In both these instances, Lead Liaison's tracking code would not load and a "Website Visit" Activity History would not be recorded.

Other points to keep in mind:

  1. When a Prospect clicks a link they are redirected to our email marketing server where the link click is recorded ( After the link is recorded the prospect is then sent to the destination (final) URL.
  2. The link click activity will appear on the Prospect's profile within 10 minutes.


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