Email Categories


Categories provide an easy way to group Lists into a "bucket". If you don't want your recipients seeing the details of your public Lists, create Categories and place your Lists into the Categories. For example, you might have five different Lists that relate to tips or tricks for your product/service. You could assign each of the five Lists to a new Category, called "Tips & Tricks". Now when a recipient wants to unsubscribe, they could choose to unsubscribe from only the Tips & Tricks category, which would unsubscribe them from all five Lists in the Category. 

Managing Categories

You can manage your Categories from the Email Marketing page in the admin panel. To reach the page,

  • Click the Settings gear icon in the top-right corner of the screen
  • Navigate to Admin > App Setup > Email
  • Click the Categories tab

On this page, you will see your organization's Categories. You can edit or delete existing Categories, and you can add a new Category by clicking the green New button.

When creating a new Category, you only need to enter a name and optional description. When you're done, click Save.

Adding Lists to Categories

You can add a List to a Category when creating a new List or editing an existing List. To access add a List to a Category,

  • Navigate to Prospects > Lists
  • Click the green New button
  • Click the Edit icon next to an existing List

  • Use the List Categories drop-down menu to choose an existing Category
  • Click (+) to create a new Category

Adding Categories to Custom Unsubscribe pages

To enable Categories on your unsubscribe page, flip the Categories switch on your unsubscribe template. Your email recipients will see all of the Categories containing Lists and can choose which to unsubscribe from.

Main Article: Custom Unsubscribe.