Email marketing templates allow your organization to build email templates that can be re-used in your marketing campaigns. Here are some common use cases for email marketing templates:

  1. Email newsletter
  2. Lead nurturing messages
  3. Discounts and savings messages

Creating Lead Nurturing Templates

Don't create "marketing-like" templates when designing lead nurturing emails. Make the template look like a regular email, sent from sales or marketing. We suggest creating a plain email with your company's standard signature as the template for lead nurturing.

Creating Templates

In this example, we'll show you how to create a template for lead nurturing purposes. 

  • Create a single template that contains your standard company signature. 
  • Go to Content > Emails > Templates. This is where your team can create their own templates. 
    • You may see some custom email templates already. When templates are shared Globally they are visible by all Lead Liaison customers. For example, there's a Lead Nurturing template you can view and copy to begin creating your own template. Click View next to the template and copy/paste the HTML to your own custom template. Now the template can be used as a starting point for future emails.
  • Click New to create your own email marketing template. 

Create an Email Starting with a Template

To create an email message and begin with a template do the following:

  • Go to Content > Emails
  • Click New
  • For the Name, use something logical, so that you can find it when you are adding the email into a workflow. We suggest numbering the emails and using something like " Post Demo Follow Up - Email 1" or "Nurture / Marketing / Any / Long Term #1". The name is just for internal use.
  • The Subject is the title that appears in customers' inboxes

  • Click Continue
  • Click Start with a Template
  • Switch to the Saved Templates tab and choose your template.


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