Contracts in OneFocus


The Contracts page shows all of the Contracts you've put into the system. From this page, you can add a new Contract, edit and existing Contract, or delete a Contract.

Managing Contracts

To find the Contracts page, navigate to Sales > Contracts. You can use the Search icon to find a specific Contract. 

You can manually add new Contract in three different ways. You can click the New button in the top-right corner of the Contracts page; you can click the New Contract icon in the Sales Shortcuts; you can click Add Contract on the Contract Info Card.

Use the three top drop-down menus to associate the contract with a Prospect, Organization, and Deal.

  • Name – enter a name for the Contract
  • Type – choose an existing Contract Type or press (+) to add a new Type (e.g. Lease Agreement, Subscription Plan, etc.)
  • Start Date – select the date the Contract begins
  • Duration (Months) – enter the length of the Contract and the end date
  • Recurring – toggle whether this Contract will recur and how often it will recur.

Once your Contract is filled out, click Save.

If you have paperwork associated with the Contract, you can add it as an Attachment to the associated Prospect, Organization, or Deal in their Profile page.

 To edit an existing Contract, simply click its name on the Contracts page.