In this game, the player has to move a basket to collect falling off objects in order to win points.



Play Restrictions

Here you can set the restrictions on game play. There are two options available:

Event Group: The user is allowed this many game plays across all activations associated with the Event. This total applies to any activation that has the Event Group setting enabled.

Individual: Limits the number of times this activation can be played. Empty or 0 is unlimited.


Leaderboard: Scores are sent to the leaderboard.

Prizes: Winning players receive a prize based on the prize probability configured in the Activation/Game. Leaderboards are not used in this mode.

Both: Winning players receive a prize based on the prize probability configured in the Activation/Game and their score is sent to the leaderboard.

Items are the objects that fall from the sky. The player will need to either catch or avoid the items.

For each item, the following options are available:

  • Points: Points received for catching this item. Points can be positive, negative, or zero.

  • Effect: When this setting is enabled a celebration effect will be used if the Damage setting is unchecked. If Damage is checked, then the selected Damage Effect will be used instead. If this setting is disabled then no effect will be used.

  • Damage: When this setting is enabled, collecting this item will end the game if the game is in normal mode.

  • Speed: Speed in which the item falls from the sky.


Normal: In normal mode the game is not bound by time. When using Normal mode make sure to tick the Damage box for at least one Item (e.g. bomb). This ensures the game will end at some point and not continue forever.

Timer: In timer mode, players play until the specified time ends.

Catch Speed

Speed in which the object catching the Items moves from left to right. Faster speeds will increase the difficulty level.

Damage Effect

This effect will appear if you enable the Effect and Damage feature on an Item. The Damage Effect works in both normal and timer modes.

Damage Sound

This sound is played when catching an item that has the Damage setting enabled.
Catch Sound

This sound is played when an item is caught.


Like other activations, you can customize the game with your own brand logo, background image as well as custom Items, Top Image, Ground Image and Catcher Image.

Recommended image dimensions are 1000 pixels (width) × 430 pixels (height).