Creating an Activation

Follow these easy steps to create a new Activation.

  • Navigate to Events > Activations on the sidebar.

  • Click New in the top right.

  • Fill out the New Activation form.

The parts of the form are as follows:

Name - Lets you specify how the Activation will appear in our system and in-app. Must be unique.

Description - An internal note about the Activation to let you or your team understand what it was created for.

Event - Lets you select which Event Lead Capture Form will be used for this Activations lead capture options. Can be left blank and configured later.

Activation - The Activation type from our library which you want to be using.

Cover Image - This is the cover image of the activation as displayed on the Captello mobile device.

Save To - This is the folder where you’re saving your activation to. You can add any custom folder.

Active - The dates you want people to be able to access your Activation. This can be changed later.

  • Click Continue to move into the Activation builder.