Waypoints are physical or virtual location assets meant to engage, educate or convert leads. These can include but not limited to: trade show booths, product displays, web pages, white papers and brochures, gamification experiences, geographical checkpoints, and more. Waypoints can be established virtually or physically with QR codes.

Waypoints can be assigned values, such as engagement points or scores that prospects, customers, employees and trainees can use toward winning prizes or incentives, such as e-gift card rewards.

An excellent use case for this activation is a Scavenger Hunt game where you can set up multiple different waypoints and award the participants certain points upon reaching each waypoint. You can use hyperlinks or customizable QR codes at any number of waypoints to introduce new information or launch game experiences that engage, educate, and capture lead data.

Similar to other activations, you can customize the game with your own logo, background image, screensaver etc.



The following two modes are available:

  • Effect - Shows the Waypoint with the desired effect and/or score.

  • Inconspicuous Redirect - Skips the effect and/or score screen of the Waypoint and redirects according to your settings.


Currently, Waypoint activation comes with the following effects:

  • Sunny

  • Circular 1

  • Circular 2

  • Fireworks

  • Confetti

You have the option to provide your own custom images and/or sounds for these effects if you don’t want to use the default ones.

Point Assignment Mode

  • Fixed - assigns specific fixed points

  • Random - assigns the points randomly. You can set a minimum and maximum number of points. A number in between that range will be randomly chosen and awarded to the player.