Rearrange Words

Rearrange Words is a challenging game in which players have to look at the picture and identify the word. They must rearrange the given letters to form the word. This game is not only fun to play but it also has educational applications to help enhance vocabulary and spelling skills.



Cover Image

This is the cover image of the activation as displayed on the Captello mobile device.

Play Restrictions

Here you can set the restrictions on game play. There are two options available:

Event Group: The user is allowed this many game plays across all activations associated with the Event. This total applies to any activation that has the Event Group setting enabled.

Individual: Limits the number of times this activation can be played. Empty or 0 is unlimited.


Leaderboard: Scores are sent to the leaderboard.

Prizes: Winning players receive a prize based on the prize probability configured in the Activation/Game. Leaderboards are not used in this mode.

Both: Winning players receive a prize based on the prize probability configured in the Activation/Game and their score is sent to the leaderboard.

Timer Mode

Here you can set the time limit in which the question must be answered. Three options are available:

  • Same for All Questions - set time will apply on all questions equally

  • Per Question - different time can be set for each question

  • None - no time limit is used

Hint Mode

Determines whether or not you want the player to receive hints during the game. Three options are available:

  • Per Game

  • Per Question

  • None

If Per Game or Per Question is selected, you'll be able to choose the Number of Hints to show. For example, if Per Game is selected with 4 hints then the player gets up to 4 hints for the entire game. If Per Question is selected, then the player gets up to 4 hints per question and the number of hints resets on each question.

Enable Skipping Questions

Allows the player to skip a question if they do not know the answer.

Enable Feedback for Tile Placement

When this option is selected, the game will provide feedback to the player by showing the box that has the correct letter bigger, and the box that has the wrong letter smaller.

Number of Questions

Number of questions (also known as rounds) in the game.

Deduction Period

You can specify point deduction period as:

  • Same for All Questions

  • Per Question

Period (Seconds)

Number of seconds that need to pass before the Point Deduction is subtracted from the Bonus Score.

Deduction Points

Here you can choose whether you want to deduct same points for each question or different points for different question.


Number of points deducted once each Deduction Period passes.


You can add as many questions as you like. Or you can also use the default ones that come in-built with the game. For each question, you can configure the followings:

  • Question Image - Optionally use an image with your question

  • Question Text - Optionally use text with your question

  • Answer - This is the answer to the question. Answers can contain white space.

  • Correct Answer Score - Score received when the player answers the question correctly.

  • Skip Question Penalty - Points deducted when a player skips a question or does not answer the question before time expires.

  • Question Bonus Score - Score received for each question. The Bonus Score is reduced by the Point Deduction amount over the Deduction Period.


Like other games, this game can be customized to match your brand by using a custom logo, background colors, image etc.

Tile Holder Image

Players drag letter tiles to the tile holder. Image shown is for an empty tile. Recommended image dimensions are 128 pixels (width) × 128 pixels (height).

Letter Tile Image

A letter is shown on top of this tile. Recommended image dimensions are 128 pixels (width) ×128 pixels (height).