In this game, users answer a series of trivia questions to earn points.


Cover Image - Image used for tile in-app when selecting which Activation/Event you’re at.

Play Restrictions - Lets you configure if the game is limited to number of plays for activations configured for the entire event (Event Group), or a number of plays for an individual activation (Individual). 0 means unlimited.

Mode - There are four game modes to choose from:

  • Basic - users answer all questions and are graded on correct/incorrect.

  • Countdown - users have a limited amount of time to answer each question.

  • Countdown with strikes - in addition to the timer, users lose after getting a set number wrong.

  • Drill - user has a set number of minutes to answer as many questions correctly as possible.

Countdown Method (Countdown mode only) - Lets you select if the countdown should be shown as a decreasing bar, a timer, or both. For timer, the clock appears in the top right. For countdown, a bar appears under the question.

Questions Mode - Lets you select how the questions are chosen for the Activation.

Specific - This option lets you create questions yourself for the Activation. Each question has several parts to it, this picture describes each entry area.

To select the correct answer you would click the star beside which answer is the right one.

You can add or remove possible answers using the + or -. You can have up to 8 possible answers for each question.

If your scoring method is Survey, you will see a second box beside each answer which lets you specify how many points that answer is worth, allowing you to have multiple correct answers, varying strengths of correct answers, or penalties for some answers.

Load from Questions Bank - This option lets you set the Activation to use questions from your Question Bank. The options when selected are to use personal or system generated questions and how many.

Randomize Questions - When toggled on, the question order is randomized.

Randomize Answers per Question - When toggled on, randomizes the answers so they are never in the same place.


Like other games, this game can be customized to match your brand by using a custom logo, background colors, image etc. The following options are available for styling the Trivia game:

Submit Button Background Color - Lets you configure the background color of the Submit / Play button on the lead capture form.

Submit Button Text Color - Lets you configure the text color of the Submit / Play button on the lead capture form.

Submit Button Text - The word or phrase that is displayed on the Submit button of the lead capture form.

Logo - Your company or game logo that is displayed in the top left. The logo will be scaled to height 80px on activations without prizes, and 150px on activations with prizes.
Recommended image size is 559 x 151px.

Background Color - Lets you configure the main screen’s color behind the slot machine.

Slots Background - Lets you configure the reel color of the slot machine.

Game Over Button Text - Text that is displayed on the button after the game is over.

Screensaver - Lets you turn on a screen saver for the activation when it’s being used inside the capture app.


The way score is calculated is based on the game mode selected.


In basic mode, you can select to award points in one of 3 ways.

Fixed - the base number given for every correct answer.
Per Question - A new entry field appears under each question, letting you specify how many points that question is worth.
Survey - allows you to configure each individual answer to have a positive or negative point value

You can also give additional points for number of correct answers, or final success rate by toggling on the option and setting the fields. The box on the left is for how many correct, or percent correct. The box on the right is for awarded points.


In Countdown mode, points are awarded depending on how quickly you answer. Points start at 50 and reduce to 0 as time ticks away.

Countdown with strikes

Countdown with strikes operates like Fixed from basic mode. You can set a value and it is awarded for every correct answer.


Drill operates like Fixed from basic mode. You can set a value and it is awarded for every correct answer.