Swervy Bird

Swervy Bird is a touch-based game with very simple game mechanics and aesthetics. Its gameplay is based on a single mechanic of tapping on the screen to flap a bird avatar to keep it in the air and fly through openings structured with pipes without hitting them. Passing each pair of pipes gets you points.

Like other Activations, you can customize pretty much every object in the game to match with your brand. This includes customizing the ground image, pipe image, bird image, coin and gem images etc.

The game can be played in four different difficulty levels:

  • Easy

  • Normal

  • Hard

  • Mix


You can also use your own custom jump and crash sounds if you like. As well as the Coin/Gem collection sound.

You also have the option to define the number of gems and number of coins you would like to display between any two pipes in the game. You can set any number in between 0 and 3.

Bird Appearance
You have two options to choose from:

Fixed - This means a static bird image will be used in the game

Sequence - This means a sequence of multiple images will be used to create a flying bird animation in the game

Number of Coins & Gems

You have the option to add multiple different images for coins and gems that will be rendered randomly during the game play.

For each coin and gem, you can specify the score as well.


You can set the following types of scores:

Coin Score: Score received for each coin collected

Gem Score: Score received for each gem collected

Pipe Pass Score: Score received for each time a player successfully passes a pipe

Prize Win Score: Overall score you win if you pass