Leaderboards are a great way to foster friendly competition.

If your Activation has a Leaderboard available, you can edit it on step three of the Activation Designer. You can display the Leaderboard on its own, or you can split the screen to include custom content. Use the icons in the lower-right corner to change the screen.

Use the menu on the right to style and adjust the Leaderboard’s sections.

Other Leaderboard Settings

Prefix and Postfix

Allows the ability to add and display special characters along with the score on the leaderboard. For example, $500, 300% etc.

When the score is displayed on the published leaderboard, each player’s score will be in this format:


Maximum no. of characters for each of the Prefix and Postfix settings are 5.

Only display Known Prospects

When this option is selected then only those Prospects will appear on the Leaderboard who have an email address in the system. This also applies when announcing winners i.e. if this setting is turned on, then only known prospects will be considered.



Highlight Leaders

You can choose to highlight top 3 winners in Red color and you can also control the Opacity of the color as per your liking:

Player Highlight

You can also use the “Player Highlight” option to highlight the current player when they visit the leaderboard. This makes it easier for the players to find themselves on the leaderboard especially if there are multiple players on the leaderboard.


Sub Text

With this option, you can add sub-text in leaderboard for each Prospect and it also supports merge tokens. For example, you can include a Prospect's Job Title and Company as a subtext under their name of the leaderboard.


You have the option to change the color, font and size of the sub text. End result would look like this on the leaderboard:

Individual | Teams

Leaderboard can be configured to display results based on individual scores or team scores or both.


If you select “Both”, a toggle key would appear on the Leaderboard page to switch between individual and team scores.




Leaderboard allows the option to add a search box for quick and easy searching. You can use name and email to find Prospects on the leaderboard.

Various styling options are available to customize the search which includes changing Placeholder text in search box (for individuals and teams) as well as changing the font, color and size of the search box.

There are two options available for the location of the search box:

Side Tab - Puts search icon at the side bar besides the results. Clicking on search icon open up a search box.

Search Icon - Puts a search icon at the top of the results. Clicking on search icon open up a search box.



Here is how it looks on the frontend leaderboard page:


Special animated effects can be added to the leaderboard page.

Type - The followings effects are currently supported:

  • Fireworks1

  • Fireworks2

  • Confetti1

  • Confetti2

Duration - The number of seconds an effect should play for.

Effects can be played either when Leaderboard is initially launched or every time a Leaderboard page is refreshed.

You can also set the effects to replay after set number of seconds.