In this game, similar to our Sliding Puzzle game, players compete to rearrange puzzle pieces till they compose the complete picture.




Cover Image

This is the cover image of the activation as displayed on the Captello mobile device.

Play Restrictions

Here you can set the restrictions on game play. There are two options available:

Event Group: The user is allowed this many game plays across all activations associated with the Event. This total applies to any activation that has the Event Group setting enabled.

Individual: Limits the number of times this activation can be played. Empty or 0 is unlimited.


Leaderboard: Scores are sent to the leaderboard.

Prizes: Winning players receive a prize based on the prize probability configured in the Activation/Game. Leaderboards are not used in this mode.

Both: Winning players receive a prize based on the prize probability configured in the Activation/Game and their score is sent to the leaderboard.

Following game play modes are available.

Timer Mode: In Timer Mode, you can set the length (in seconds) for how long the game should last. Once the timer is up and the puzzle is not solved, the player loses. If timer mode is off, Timer will count up until the player wins.

Time Threshold Mode: Time Threshold Mode replaces the standard mode where that gives a prize to the player once the puzzle is solved. In Time Threshold Mode, you can set the length (in seconds) for time that the player must solve the puzzle within, before they are eligible to win a prize.

Row/Column Pieces

Here you can set the number of pieces of the puzzle. Each puzzle piece is in the shape of a square or jigsaw. This number should be between three (3) and twenty (20).

Dropping Puzzle Piece Sound

Sound played when a puzzle piece is added in the correct place.


Like other Activation, you can customize pretty much every object in the game to match with your brand. This includes the main puzzle image, background image, sliding puzzle piece sound, your company logo etc.

Puzzle comes with a default picture but you can use any image for the puzzle as per your branding needs. Recommended image dimensions are 1024 pixels (width) × 1024 pixels (height).


Use Jigsaw Shape

This option is used to determine the shape of puzzle pieces. Enabling this setting tells the game to use jigsaw style puzzle pieces while disabling this setting will use square shape puzzle pieces.

Highlight Piece

Highlight the puzzle piece place when the user moves the piece from one place to another.

Border Size

Here you can set the size of the borderline of puzzle squares. Border Size must be between 1 and 20.