Web-based Activations

All Activations run in the mobile lead capture app as well as in a browser on any computer. This enables you to launch games in two ways:

1: With integrated lead capture before or after the game

This option collects game play data and lead capture form data.

2: Without Lead Capture

This option launches the game in open play mode while tracking game play data without lead capture.


1: Navigate to your your ACTIVATIONS tab.
2" Click the down arrow and select LAUNCH. For games without lead capture, please select "without lead capture" moving forward.


You can copy and use these link to distribute your Activation.

Web-based Activations also have their own special options to allow you to specify what happens after the Activation is complete. This can be restarting the Activation, displaying a message, or redirecting to another page.

Selecting Start over means that once the Activation is ended, it will restart. Either showing the submission form, or the Activation depending on if your lead capture is before or after the Activation.

Selecting Thank you message lets you configure a message that will get displayed as a basic webpage after the Activation completes. This is useful to provide instructions, if there’s a follow up to the Activation.

Redirect to a Link lets you specify either a full URL, such as your homepage, or one of your configured Landing pages. The redirection will happen as soon as they click to complete the Activation.

If you are hosting a digital Event or Campaign with multiple Activations, the Event Capture Form will cookie the user’s browser. The next time they open an Event Capture Form with the same browser, the form will be automatically filled in for them.

Note: some browsers such as Apple’s Safari and Mozilla Firefox have begun automatically blocking third-party cookies. For the best experience, advise users to enable third-party cookies. If they do not enable the cookies, they will need to manually fill in the Event Capture Form with every submission.