Three Cards


Classic three-card monte. Users pick a card and follow it as the cards are mixed. If they pick the right card they win.

You can use classic cards, custom cards, or a mix of both.


Cover Image - Image used for tile in-app when selecting which Activation/Event you’re at.

Play Restrictions - Lets you configure if the game is limited to number of plays for activations configured for the entire event (Event Group), or a number of plays for an individual activation (Individual). 0 means unlimited.

Cards - You can select to use a standard deck of cards, or to insert custom images to be used for the card front.

Number of Cards - How many cards should be on the table for selection.

Number of Moves - Number of times the cards will shuffle position during the game.

Number of Tries - Number of tries to select the winning card.

Active Status - Lets you configure how long the Activation should be playable. Options are Forever, Specific date range, Inherit from event forms dates, or inactive.


Submit Button Background Color - Lets you configure the background color of the Submit / Play button on the lead capture form.

Submit Button Text Color - Lets you configure the text color of the Submit / Play button on the lead capture form.

Submit Button Text - The word or phrase that is displayed on the Submit button of the lead capture form.

Logo - Your company or game logo that is displayed in the top left. The logo will be scaled to height 80px on activations without prizes, and 150px on activations with prizes.
Recommended image size is 467 x 124px.

Background Image - Image file that is displayed in the background of the entire activation.
Recommended image size is 512 x 512px.

Background Fit - Gives 3 options on how to display the background image.

Stretch - Scales the image to fit the current screen resolution.
Cover - Preserves images aspect ratio, but crops the image to fill the screen.
Repeat - Repeats the image on x and y to fill the screen dimensions.

Background Color - If you are not using a Background Image, you can configure the color of the background.

Back Button Color - Sets the color of the back button after the activation is complete.

Screensaver - Lets you turn on a screen saver for the activation when it’s being used inside the capture app.