Use Guidelines to display content prior to the Activation. Guidelines could include instructions prior to game play, videos, web pages, and document downloads. For example, you could send a message recommending users rotate their device prior to a game, or play a marketing video to prep users for a Trivia game.

Adding Guidelines

To add Guidelines, navigate to the Messaging step in any Activation. Select the Guideline drop-down menu to select an existing Guideline or click Create. You can add multiple Guidelines to a single Activation to account for multiple device types. For example, phone users in portrait mode may see one message, and desktop users may see a different message.


There are four types of Guideline content:

  • HTML

  • Video

  • Web Pages

  • Documents


Use HTML content to display text, images, links, and any other content supported by HTML 5. This option is commonly used to display instructions, contest disclaimers, and embedded content from third-party systems.

HTML content will display exactly as it appears in the editor.


Use Video content to play a video before the activation. For example, Prospects might see a brief marketing video before playing a fun game, or watch a training video prior to a trivia game.

To add video content, paste the video’s URL into the Video field. You can control whether the video automatically plays using the toggle below the link. This toggle appears after you save the Guideline.

Web Page

Use Web Page content to display a web page or Landing Page before the Activation. For example, you could display a page of contest rules, or a demo sign up page.

To display a web page, select a Landing Page from the drop-down menu or paste the web page URL into the field.

Note: Landing Pages are only available for accounts licensed with the Landing Page builder. If you don’t have this option and would like to learn more, please contact your account representative.


Use Documents content to show a list of downloadable documents. For example, Prospects could have the option to download brochures or case studies before the Activation.

To add documents, first upload them as Trackable Content. Next, use the drop-down menus on the Guideline to select your documents. The field to the right of the drop-down menu is how the name of the document will appear on the Guideline.



Use Views to control what device type and orientation to display the Guideline on. By customizing Guidelines to specific device types, you can ensure the best user experience.

In the example below, we are only showing the Guideline to users on mobile devices in portrait orientation. We commonly use these setting to recommend users to rotate to landscape mode before playing the Activation.

You can see a more detailed example here.


Using the styling options, you can customize your Guideline to match your organization’s branding.

Note that these options only control the styling for the Guideline itself. For example, changing the Guideline’s background would not change the background of a displayed web page.


After saving your Guideline, you can preview it by clicking on the preview button in the lower-left corner of the designer.

The Preview will show a desktop version and a simulated mobile (portrait) version.

Exit Requirements

You can set requirements for players to exit the Guideline. For example, you might require the Prospect wait at least 30 seconds before continuing. This would ensure that they’ve watched the entirety of a video.

Depending on what type of Guideline content you select, you may see different options available.

Managing Guidelines

To manage Guidelines, open any Guideline’s settings and click Manage.

From here you can edit or delete existing Guidelines.