Teams for Activations

Activations support the concept of Teams. Teams are globally defined on a customer’s account. Each game play (when the activation allows using teams) are assigned to a prospect as well as a team. Leaderboard and Global Leaderboard both allow showing the points by Individual or by Team.

When the prospect plays the game, according to the activation settings, we either auto identify the team (if mode is automatic or round robin) or give the user an option to select/search for a team, or even create a team on the fly. When the Prospect completes playing the game, the given points are assigned to the identified team.

The following options are available under the Teams section of the Activation builder:


Team Mode

Automatic - In this mode the Prospect is automatically assigned to an existing team

Restricted - In this mode the player is able to select from a restricted list of teams

Authorized Teams

All - If you select All then all of the teams are available to be assigned to players

Specific - Here you can select which specific teams are available to be assigned to players

Team Selection Mode

Manual - If Manual is selected then players have two options:

  •  Players can create their Teams

  • Or players can choose from a list of Teams

Round Robin - If Round Robin is selected then players are automatically assigned a team on a round robin basis.

Create By

This determines how a team is created for a game player.

Domain - This option uses the domain name in Prospect’s email address to create a Team. For example, if the email address is then the created team will be named Microsoft and plates will be assigned to it.

Company - This option uses Prospect’s company name to create a Team. For example, if the Company field contains “Facebook” then a new team with the name Facebook will be created and assigned to the player.

You can also create a list of predefined Teams to choose from. This option is found under 

Events > Activations > Teams.

On the Leaderboard page, you can toggle between the individual scores and team scores: