Distribution Time

The Automation system was built to be modular. As a result, each component of the Automation system runs at different intervals. Here's are some data points to give you an idea of execution time. Note that the "Up to" phrase means it could take up to that long but may take be much shorter. It takes:

  1. Up to 5 minutes to sync a lead from Salesforce.com to Lead Liaison via our standard 5 minute CRM <-> Lead Liaison sync process
  2. Up to 1 minute to add the lead to an Automation program (basically, Step 1 of an Automation
  3. Up to 1 minute for each action defined in Step 2 to execute
  4. Up to 2 minutes for the lead to be distributed by the lead distribution engine (user may receive Distributed Lead alert at this juncture)
  5. Up to 5 minutes to sync the newly assigned Lead Owner (as a result of the Lead Distribution engine) to Salesforce.com
  6. After #4 above the lead is assigned to the Lead Liaison Lead Owner in Lead Liaison 
  7. For the Lead Owner to be assigned to a Salesforce.com User this will execute at the next 5 minute CRM sync process


Point #2 to #4 could run within two 5 minutes sync processes which means:

  1. Up to 5 minutes to sync the lead from Salesforce.com to Lead Liaison.
  2. Up to 4-5 minutes to distribute the lead within Lead Liaison.
  3. The lead can be distributed within Salesforce.com by the following 5 minutes sync process