Global Leaderboards

Global Leaderboards track points across multiple Events and Activations. By tracking a player’s total points, you can create a larger gaming experience. For example, an event may have several Activations at different booths, and attendees can earn more points the more games they play. At the end of the event the attendee with the highest total points could win a prize.

To create and manage leaderboards, navigate to Events > Leaderboards.

From this screen, you can create, edit, clone, or delete Leaderboards. To create a new Global Leaderboard,

  • Click the green New button.

  • Give the Leaderboard a Name and Description.

  • Select a Leaderboard Mode (see below).

  • Connect the Leaderboard to the appropriate Activations and/or Events.

Global Scores

Global Leaderboards add the points from connected Events/Activations to create a Global Score. The Leaderboard uses the Global Score to rank the players.

Different types of Activations will calculate scores differently. You can control how each asset adds its score to the Global Score.

For points-based games like Whack-A-Mole, you can either have the player’s points added directly to the Global Score, or you can use a multiplier. For example, if you add a Point Factor of 2 and the player earns 10 points, 20 points will be added to the Global Score.

To add a multiplier, adjust the Global Leaderboard Point Factor.

For prize-based games like Spin to Win or Slots, you can add points to each of the prizes. For example, a Prospect who wins a $5 gift card may win 500 points to the Global Score, while a Prospect who wins a vacation package may also win 10,000 points.

To add points to prizes, turn on the toggle to use prize points toward Global Leaderboard. A new box for points will appear next to each of the prizes.

For time-based games like Memory Match, you can add a Time Factor to convert the player’s time into points for the Global Score. The system will divide the time factor by the number of seconds in the player’s attempt. For example, if the Time Factor is 100 and the player earns a time of 10 seconds, the system will award 10 points (100TF / 10s = 10 points).

Fixed Points - You can also set a fixed number of points to be added to the global leaderboard regardless of the Point Factor.


Some games may have a timer or points in addition to prizes. In these cases, it is possible to award points to the Global Score based both on the points/time as well as the prizes.

You can also share activation points to a Global leaderboard managed by a different Lead Liaison account. This is especially helpful if you’re an event organizer (who is a Lead Liaison customer) that have a global leaderboard serving the whole event, and have some exhibitors (who are also Lead Liaison customers) wanting to share their activation points with the global leaderboard of the organizer.

Contact your Lead Liaison representative to learn more about this feature.

Leaderboard Modes

Global Leaderboards have several different modes available. Based on the mode, the Leaderboard will calculate the players' points differently.

  • Highest Points – only the gameplay with the highest points for each Event/Activation counts toward the Global Score.

  • Initial Points – only the first gameplay for each Event/Activation counts toward the Global Score.

  • All Points – all gameplays for each Event/Activation count toward the Global Score.

Leaderboard Values

The following options are available for displaying values on the leaderboard:

  • All – Leaderboard will show prospects with positive, negative, and 0 points.

  • Positive Only – Leaderboard will show prospects with positive scores only (above zero).

  • Above Threshold – Leaderboard will show prospects above a specific value. Here you can set the Points Threshold: