Send Leaderboard Results

You can send results of your leaderboard in a report format via email to selected users or teams. With the schedule option, the system can automatically send Leaders on specifics days/times for the duration of your event.

This option is available for every activation (that allows leaderboard) and at the leaderboards page for every leaderboard:


When clicked, it opens a popup that have the settings below:


  1. The first setting at the popup is “Send when” where you can tell system to send alert when:

    1. Winners are manually announced

    2. Winners are automatically announced

    3. On the following schedule - when checked, it allows the user to select the schedule info as:

      1. From date

      2. To date

      3. Schedule Days - drop down for the user to pick the days of the week.

      4. Announcement time (time picker, on the hour edges)

      5. Filter to select prospect criteria or click + icon for to create a new criteria on the fly.

  2. Include Prospects : This is where you can specify how many Prospects you’d like to include in the report.(default is 10)

  3. Send to:

    1. Teams: allows you to select one or more teams

    2. Users: allows you to select one or more users