Sharing activation with external global leaderboard

In some cases, an exhibitor may want to share their activation with a global leaderboard managed by a different Lead Liaison account.

Think about this as event organizer (who is a Lead Liaison customer) that have a global leaderboard serving the whole event, and have some exhibitors (who are also Lead Liaison customers) and each of them has one or more activation and they want to share their activation points with the global leaderboard of the organizer.

Process on leaderboard side:

  • Edit the leaderboard that the activation needs to be shared with

  • Go to Sharing tab

  • Turn on Allow Activations on Other Accounts to be Shared with this Global Leaderboard option

  • Choose whether or not the sharing request needs to be approved

  • Copy the Token of the leaderboard



Process on activation side:

  • Edit the activation that you’d like to share

  • Go to Scoring tab

  • Click on Share Activation button and provide the Token for the global leaderboard

  • Based on the share token settings, the sharing will either be activated immediately or go to the global leaderboard account for approval