Events Dashboard


The Events Dashboard displays metrics from your events. From here, you can view the number of submissions, data on how the Prospects were captured, and even view an ROI.

Viewing the Dashboard

To view the Events Dashboard,

  • Click the Dashboard tab in the main menu.
  • If necessary, select Events in the drop-down menu in the top-left corner of the screen.

  • Select filters.

The default filter is for the Last 7 Days. You can also filter by Event Name, the Event Owner, a time frame, or an Event Label. If you filter by Event Name, you won't see options for Owner, time, or Label. 

Summary Bar

Use the Summary Bar at the top of the Dashboard to get a quick overview of your event. 

SubmissionsTotal number of unique submissionsIncludes duplicates if duplicates are enabled on your Event Form
Prospects CollectedNumber of unique ProspectsUnique identifier is email address
Quality (Grade)Average Grade of all ProspectsLearn more about grading here
Engagement (Score)Average Engagement Score of all ProspectsLearn more about scoring here


Submissions awaiting transcription or post-show reconciliationFailed badge scans will also appear in this number
Related Prospects*Lets you view any Related Prospects that have been fetched during submission actionOnly available with Sales Enablement license
Leads per EventAverage number of unique Prospects captured in selected Filter
Cost Per Lead*Cost of show divided by number of Prospects
Revenue*Revenue from Closed-Won Deals associated with the Event's CampaignOnly available with OneFocus™ CRM or a integration 
ROI*Return or loss percentage using revenue from Closed-Win Deals associated with the Event's CampaignOnly available with OneFocus™ CRM or a integration 

*Only available when an individual Event is selected.

In order to calculate Cost Per Lead and ROI, your Event must be in a Lead Liaison Campaign. The system will use the cost you put in the Campaign. 


View the table below for a summary of dashboard reports available.

Hot ProspectsProspects who show recent engagement with your content (clicked an email, downloaded content, etc.) and meet basic qualification rulesLearn more about Hot Prospects here
Top 5 Device UsersUsers who captured the most Prospects but total submissionsClick numbers to view Prospects
Prospects CollectedNumber of Prospects captured by dateClick numbers to view Prospects
Capture MethodeHow the user captured the Prospect (badge scan, business card, manual entry, or List)Click numbers to view Prospects
TranscriptionsNumber of transcriptions (both internal and external) done by dateAlso displays average turnaround time; click the info icon to see individual submission turnaround times.
Post Event EngagementPercentage of Prospects who show inbound activity after the event (opened email, downloaded content, etc.)Click numbers to view Prospects
Pending SubmissionsNumber of incomplete transcriptions by original submission dateUse the toggles to turn on/off different pending submission types
Converted RegistrantsNumber of Prospects on a List connected to your Event that were scanned in during the EventClick numbers to view Prospects
Top CompaniesCompanies with the highest number of submissionsClick numbers to view Prospects


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